Auping Partner of Team DSM

We are supporting Team DSM in knowledge and sleeping comfort. During the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and the Vuelta a España, the cycling team is sleeping on Auping mattresses and pillows. Our mattresses and pillows are accompanying the team on their travels and are adapted to each individual athlete’s body and preferences. Rest and recharge are just as important for top performance as training: a good night’s sleep provides the energy required to perform during the day.

Chad Haga, rider of Team DSM: “Recovery is a part of racing. If you are not doing that well, it just sets you back and you are more exhausted than you even should be from the racing”.

Mattress of Team DSM

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Team DSM

We keep challenging to excel as a team, to constantly innovate. It's all about being the best possible team we can be… to create truly unforgettable moments. We are Team DSM. This is our way of #creatingmemories.

Jan-Joost Bosman, CEO at Auping: “For over 130 years we have been firm believers that rest and recharge are essential for champions. A good and long night’s rest allows the muscles to recover, restores energy, gives better reaction skills and increases focus. We are delighted to help support the ambitions of Team DSM with our knowledge and products.” 

Iwan Spekenbrink, CEO at Team DSM: “A top athlete needs training, but also rest. Top sport requires a continuous tweaking of those factors that contribute to the final performance. Rest is one of those important factors. Good quality rest allows improved performance, and that’s precisely why we choose Auping. Rest at its best.”

Sleep studies have been conducted at Team DSM's new Keep Challenging Center in Sittard since March 2019. The aim of these sleep tests is to achieve optimal recovery for each individual cyclist.