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Address: Carrer Pau Claris 171, 8037 Barcelona

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Location iconAuping Store Barcelona

Carrer Pau Claris 171
8037, Barcelona


Try out our mattresses, beds and box springs in Barcelona

Feel welcome to walk into our bed shop and discover the complete assortment of  various mattresses, beds and box springs in Barcelona. Our Auping experts are ready to provide you with personal sleep advice. Lie down and test our products extensively and discover which mattress, bed or box spring suits you best.

In addition, to get a complete impression of our fabric and colour range. Feel, touch and see all the different fabrics and style your bed according to your personal preference and taste. Drop by our Auping Store in Barcelona and get inspired by our team!

  • Discover and experience the comfort of an Auping product by testing these in our store.
  • Expert and professional sleep advice from our Auping experts.
  • Complete assortment all under one roof.
  • Create and discover your perfect bedroom with the help of our advisors.
  • Free pillow of your choice when you book an appointment