An Auping Evolve for every body

This is Auping Evolve, the world's first fully circular mattress. Made with love, and attention to you and your body. That is why Auping Evolve is available in three types, each with a different zoning. Based on your body, you can choose the mattress with the type of support that suits you best. This ensures your spine will be in a good natural position, from your neck to your tailbone. That way, your body will be able to completely relex and recover during the night. Auping Evolve has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020

Which Auping Evolve mattress suits me best?
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Which Auping Evolve mattress suits me best?

Auping Evolve I mattress

Are your shoulders, waist and hips approximately the same width? Then Auping Evolve I is most suitable for you. This mattress has evenly distributed zones.

Auping Evolve Y mattress

If your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips, you will sleep soundly on this Auping Evolve. In this mattress, the shoulder zone is positioned a bit deeper in the mattress than your hips.

Auping Evolve X mattress

If your shoulders and hips are wider than your waist, you will be most comfortable on this Auping Evolve X mattress. Both the shoulder and hip zones in this type are a bit softer. The waist zone, which is between the hip and shoulder zones, is a bit firmer, giving your waist the best support.

Better zoning

Auping Evolve is made of innovative materials and has a completely new design. Based on new insights, we re-examined the structure and zoning of the mattress. The support zones focus on the shoulders, waist and hips, ensuring your back stays in a nice natural position.  

The support zones of most mattresses are built up symmetrically from the center, at with each zone supporting a different body part; shoulders, waist and hips. At Auping Evolve, the mattress is constructed from the head end. This asymmetrical zoning means Auping Evolve will support your body even better, enabling your body to relax and recover while sleeping. A matching pillow is essential for getting the right support.