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RDS: Responsible Down Standard

Auping Cloud duvets and pillows are certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).The RDS excludes force-feeding and live-plucking of animals. Down is a by-product of the food industry. In order to guarantee the above conditions, the entire chain, from farm to finished product, is periodically checked and approved by the independent certification body, Control Union. At the same time, the down is traceable along the entire chain and each lot of down is checked in this regard. Only products that comply with these requirements can bear the RDS logo. 

What is certified down?

  • Only contains down that is a by-product of the food industry.
  • Does not contain any down from force-fed animals.
  • Does not contain any down obtained through the plucking of live animals.
  • The down is followed from farm to finished product.
  • A professional, independent institution checks it.
  • It is identifiable at all times by means of the RDS logo.

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GRS: Global Recycled Standard

Auping Dew and Auping Nest pillows and duvets are GRS certified. Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international quality certification for recycled materials. Products with this certification are made in good working conditions with maximum preservation of materials.

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All Auping pillows and duvets carry the NOMITE label. This label was created by the German organization NOMITE. Duvets and pillows with this label are suitable for people with a dust mite allergy. The fabric on the outside (ticking) of these pillows and duvets is so densely woven to avoid dust mites to be able to penetrate it.

Downafresh greenline

Bed textile with a Downafresh greenline quality mark meet the international requirements for hygiene, cleanliness and environmental friendliness of products filled with down and feathers (EN12935). All Auping pillows and duvets carry the Downafresh greenline quality mark. 


OEKO-TEX®  Standard 100 is one of the best known labels for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. With OEKO-TEX®  Standard 100 labeled product you can be certain that every component, every thread and every button, has been tested for harmful substances to human health. All Auping pillows and duvets have an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label.

Dacron Eco2 / Comforel

The brand name Dacron guarantees high-quality polyester fibres that are specifically developed for use in duvets and pillows. The Eco2 label indicates that the fibres are made from recycled PET bottles. Comforel is the type of fibre, developed by Dacron, which is ideal for filling pillows. The Auping Dew pillows and duvets have a Dacron Eco2 / Comforel label.

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