Essential Sunny yellow

Essential Sunny yellow

10 year anniversary

The Auping Essential bed is an iconic design by Köhler Wilms for Auping and was introduced 10 years ago. We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary with a Limited edition. We’ll be bringing back the iconic yellow version. We’ll powdercoat this Limited edition in a soft sunny yellow colour. You can choose a lacquered headboard or a headboard upholstered in yellow fabric such as the beautiful Kvadrat Clara 427 Yellow (fabric group D).

The Auping Essential Limited edition Sunny yellow is available for three months, from October 3rd until December 31st 2022.

Configure your Essential Sunny Yellow

Essential Sunny yellow

Iconic yellow

Yellow is a cheerful colour that is associated with new beginnings, fun, warmth and hapiness. Yellow is sunny and optimistic. The colour yellow is also a real eye-catcher.

A funny fact is that in the Middle Ages yellow was considered quite negative. For example, Judas, or a thief or a madman were often drawn in yellow.

Yellow literally brings the sun to your bedroom. A perfect colour for your bed.

Iconic yellow

A decade of colors

Is yellow not quite your colour?
The Essential is also available in 10 other colours so we are happy to powdercoat the Essential bed in your favorite colour. Or your partner’s.
You can choose from: Deep black, Pure white, Cool grey, Warm grey, Sand beige, Pine green, Blush, Night blue, Dusty red and Royal blue.

The three most popular colors for the Essential frame are: Night blue, Warm grey and Pure white.
Thanks to the choice of different colours, you can make the Essential really your dream bed.

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Auping Essential Decade of Colours

Köhler Wilms

Köhler Wilms is an interdisciplinary design studio in Herford, Germany. For Auping they have designed the award-winning Essential bed. The Auping Essential bed won the Red Dot Design Award (2012), the IF Product Design Award (2013) for its innovative product design, and received the Good Industrial Design (GIO) award, the Netherlands’ most important award for industrially designed products.

Ten years later, the design duo looks back on the design with pride:
“You wouldn’t know that we designed this bed 10 years ago. And that is the recipe for a long life: timeless design combined with good materials.”

Kohler Wilms Design Duo


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Did you know that the Essential bed is the first fully recyclable bed in the word? 

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If you want to see the Essential Sunny yellow, visit one of the Auping Store before December 31st

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Essential Dusty red