Auping Bed linen Gots


Sustainable dreams

At Auping, we dream of a well-rested world, one in which we sleep under bedding produced in an eco-friendly way and under good working conditions. This is why all of our bed linen carries the internationally recognized GOTS label. This is the strictest international standard for organic textiles and not only guarantees excellent quality, but that the entire chain meets the most stringent requirements.


GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. Textile that is GOTS-certified is guaranteed to be of the very highest quality and meets the most stringent social and environmental requirements throughout the entire chain – from cotton farming to harvesting and processing, and from product development to product packaging.

A GOTS-certified product (like Auping fitted sheets) must be made of 95% certified organic fibres. The other 5%, such as buttons and zippers, must be made of other sustainably produced or recycled materials. In addition, textiles that carry the GOTS label must be free of hazardous chemicals. The chemicals used (such as additives used during dyeing) may not be toxic or harmful to the environment.

Sleeping with a clean conscious

The GOTS label not only considers the environment, but also guarantees good and safe working conditions, such as a minimum wage, a ban on child labour and a safe and hygienic working environment.

Well packed 

The packaging of our bed linen is made from recycled plastic and recycled cardboard. This means that our packaging not only meets the strict GOTS requirements, it also ensures that your fitted sheet or duvet cover is well protected during the journey to your bedroom.