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Your bedroom: a place to relax

A lot more happens in your bedroom than just sleeping. You experience your most beautiful moments here. It’s the place where you find each other, where you comfort each other, where quarrels are patched up, and where you celebrate life.

So, make that bedroom an even nicer place to be with the help of smart technology. And that doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You can easily connect all your smart devices in your home using the Auping Smart base and Homey. And you can enjoy this and more all day (and night).

Your morning ritual

Wake up pleasantly as the head end of your bed is raised slightly. The soft light of your wake-up light also switches on at the wake-up time you have set.

While you’re still slowly waking up, your curtains open, your radio gently turns on, and – it doesn’t get any better – your coffeemaker will make you a cup of coffee. (Don’t forget to put a cup under the coffeemaker the night before.)

The Auping Smart alarm has various options to wake you up. In the sleep planner you can set the time you want to go to bed, the time you want to wake up and how you want to be woken up, with sound or with a gentle moment of the headrest.

Waking up from a deep sleep phase is unpleasant. That’s why our Smart alarm wakes you up during your light sleep phase. Of course within half an hour of the set wake-up time, after al we do not want you to be late.

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Convenient: your house automatically freshens up while you’re not at home

While you’re at work, you can turn on the smart fan to ventilate your bedroom.  At the same time, you can let your robot vacuum cleaner go around your house for a while to clean the floor. When you get home, turn on the radio with your voice to listen to your favourite podcast.

Easily save energy

Smart technology, the collective name for all those smart devices, can also help you save energy. For example, set your smart thermostat to automatically lower the temperature as soon as your set bedtime arrives. Or set all devices to turn off as soon as everyone’s out of the house. This is useful if your roommate forgets to turn off the lights when he leaves.

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Going to bed

The Auping Smart base app gives you a signal when it’s time for bed so you can get enough sleep. And to make it even nicer, the curtains automatically close, the light in your bedroom dims a little, and the bed is already set to your favourite position.

While sleeping

While you’re tucked in tight, the Auping Smart base makes sure your partner doesn’t keep you awake with annoying snoring.  And you can program your dishwasher to run at night so you aren’t bothered by the sound while you’re relaxing on the couch in the evening. So nice and quiet that way!

Visit the Athom Homey website to read about how easy it is to connect all these smart devices and many more ideas to make your home and bedroom ‘smart’. Sweet dreams!


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