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We are aware of the increasing scarcity of energy, minerals and raw materials and our impact on the ecosystems. Auping builds a sustainable relation with their surroundings, the environment and individuals. We aim to organise all our operating processes, products and services in a sustainable way by 2020 based on three policy principles.

Circular operations

Auping has adopted the Cradle to Cradle principle. Cradle to Cradle must be understood almost literally, and implies that waste is not just thrown out, but that it becomes a component for something else. This approach features a circular cycle of materials. These are fully biologically degradable or 100% recyclable and usable in a similar or higher grade product. As a Cradle to Cradle company we aim, supported by EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) for an infinite cycle of raw materials and components.

Energy-saving and innovation

By 2020 Auping aims to be a C2C® company in all its facets. We will reach this goal by aligning all of our business processes, in all of their aspects, to this philosophy and by designing all of our products according to the principles of C2C®. That way the products can be used again at the end of their service lives as biological or technical raw materials of the highest possible quality levels. This approach features an infinite cycle of materials. In short: with the implementation of C2C® new perspectives are created. For today and tomorrow. 


A sustainable policy does not conduct itself. Because it is a system change, the commitment of the entire operating chain of suppliers and partners is required. That is why Auping wants to invest in these relations, involve partners whenever possible in process-oriented methods, create optimal work and social conditions and stimulate their involvement and connection to the company and the corporate values. Auping developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to this end. And to keep a tight check on it, the company signed the UN resolution Global Compact.