'Taking comfort in comfort’

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We thought carefully about bed construction when designing the Essential. By ingeniously combining a minimum number of materials and parts, the bed remains easy to assemble and dismantle without damage. (This also means there are less nuts and bolts for you to worry about.) That’s good news when you move house, and also for recycling.

From bed frame to couch
The materials used in the Essential are really easy to recycle. They are also already partly recycled themselves. For example, the frame is made of 40% recycled aluminium and the legs are made entirely of recycled aluminium. The beauty of aluminium is that it can be infinitely recycled. So, should you ever get to the point that you no longer want your Essential (which we find hard to believe), the material can simply be recycled. So, who knows, one day the old frame may well be turned in to a new frame. Or into a lovely couch.

And the other components? They are all 100% recyclable as well. The central support, mesh bases and screws are made of steel. Super strong and super sustainable. And the Essential hook-on table is made of sustainable beech wood. We varnish the table with water-based varnish, so that we put less strain on the environment with solvent.

Completely natural, naturally
The Essential can be supplied with a headboard, made of MDF with a PEFC certificate. This is comparable with FSC, namely that the wood comes from sustainably-managed forests. And do you fancy an upholstered headboard? Then you can choose from a selection of sustainable fabrics, such as Molly or Points. Molly is made entirely of sheep’s wool and Points is made from recycled thread from the textile industry. Completely natural, naturally.

Auping Essential ontvangt het C2C-certificaat
De Essential is het eerste volledig recyclebare bed ter wereld. Gemaakt van eerlijke materialen in onze eigen fabriek in Deventer. Daarom is de Essential het eerste bed met een Cradle to Cradle (C2C)-certificaat. We hebben een C2C Brons certificaat ontvangen. Dit wil zeggen dat we voldoen aan strenge eisen op het gebied van materiaalveiligheid en herbruikbaarheid van de materialen. Dat ligt wel goed dus.