Top mattress or not?

What is a top mattress? Is it something you need, or can you do without?

A top mattress, also called topper, is a thin mattress you put on top of your usual mattress and which gives you extra comfort in several different ways.
A top mattress has an average thickness of 3 to 12 cm and is available in different comfort layers. It will last you 3 to 5 years.

There are a number of situations where a top mattress is recommended.
A topper will protect the real mattress and is available with a washable ticking/cover. Or you can use a double topper to get rid of the uncomfortable seam between two single mattresses, making it a smooth whole.

With an Auping top mattress you get yourself that little extra comfort. The open cell structure of the HR foam in the core of the top mattress guarantees a good ventilation while the cover provides extra softness and warmth.

The toppers are easy to cover with the special fitted sheets. Auping toppers are available in different sizes, for both single and double beds. The double topper is also a split topper, which still allows you to operate your adjustable bed or box spring separately.

Do you want to buy an Auping topper? Be inspired and find information on our website. Look at all the models and options. All toppers and split toppers have their own unique characteristics.

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