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Comfort split top mattress

Comfort split top mattress

The core of the Comfort Split topper consists of incredibly resilient HR foam and guarantees the proper ventilation and moisture regulation.

Several sizes are available. Widths vary between 160 cm and 200 cm; lengths vary between 200 cm and 220 cm. Best sold sizes are: 

  • Height 8 cm
  • Non-allergenic


The Split Topper is specially made for use on a double adjustable box spring or adjustable bed models. This allows you to adjust both bed bases separately from each other, but without an annoying seam down the middle.

Since the mattress topper is not made with wool, it is ideal for people who are sensitive to wool.

  • Height: 8 cm

  • Mattress cover: Knitted fabric 38% Tencel, 62% polyester
    Top layer: Cirrus 500 g, 100% polyester
    Anti-allergy: yes, the topper is not made with wool

  • Core: HR foam

  • This split topper is not washable

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