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Topper Prestige

The ultimate sleeping comfort is yours with the Auping Prestige top mattress. The underside of the top mattress is made of breathable material that runs up through the sides of the top mattress for extra ventilation.  This top mattress is no less than 10 cm high and is available in 3 different models: soft, natural and stable. Choose what feels best for you. 

  • Height: 10 cm 
  • Also available in a split top mattress model

Various formats
Comfort Latex Pura or Visco
Washable cover
The layers
Technnical specifications

Various sizes are available

Dimensions single mattress:
Available widths: 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm
Available lengths: 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm

Dimensions double mattress:
Available widths: 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm or 200 cm
Available lengths: 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm

Top mattress height: 10 cm

Tip: Have you decided on a double bed with two adjustable bed bases? Then you can opt for extra comfort with a split top mattress. A split top mattress allows you to adjust the height of the two heads of the beds independently.

Latex Pura of Visco

The comfort layer is situated close to the body and is therefore very important when it comes to your comfort while lying down. You have a choice of 2 materials (Latex Pura and Visco). Latex Pura is available in 2 different firmness levels.  Latex Pura consists of 50% natural latex, is a high-quality ventilating material and is manufactured sustainably and exclusively for Auping. Latex Pura has a meshed pattern which provides extra resilience and softness. 

The top mattress you choose depends on your comfort preference when lying down.   
- Latex Pura Rich has a soft feel. Choosing this model gives this top mattress an extra-soft and resilient feeling.   
- Latex Pura Natural has a firmer feel.  

Visco provides a stable feel. Visco is high-quality elastic foam that changes shape according to the weight and temperature of the body. In comparison to latex, this material is less resilient. This material adapts to the imprint of the body.


This Deluxe top mattress is manufactured standard with a zippered cover. So the cover can easily be washed in the washing machine. Never dry the top mattress cover in a tumble dryer. Instead hang it up to dry.

Comfort in every layer

An Auping box spring consists of several layers:

  • Top mattress: A comfortable night’s sleep is largely determined by the top mattress. Auping lets you choose your own top mattress. How comfortable is that?
  • Upholstered mattress: The upholstered mattress perfectly supports your body thanks to dynamic pocket springs that follow your body contours perfectly. To choose the most ergonomic mattress for you, your length and weight, your build, and sleeping position must all be taken into consideration.
  • Box & mesh base: Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed thanks to the 80% open structure of the mesh base and the box’s ventilating materials.

Tech specs

  • Height:

    10 cm

  • Piping:

    Gold piping on the top and bottom sides.

  • Washable:

    Standard with zippered cover, so that the cover can be washed in the washing machine. 

  • Hypoallergenic:

    Contains no wool and is therefore suitable for people with wool allergies  

  • Top side:

    Knitted fabric: 38% viscose, 62% polyester 

  • Core:

    3 different comfort layers to choose from.

    • 1. perforated Latex Pura rich
    • 2. perforated Latex Pura natural
    • 3. perforated Visco 
  • Underside:

    Extra breathable material made of 100% polyester which runs up through the sides of the top mattress; fixation system so the top mattress can be attached to the mattress; full zipper