Trends and inspiration

Obviously Auping's top priority is that a bed needs to be of top quality, to ensure that you wake up rested and start every day with renewed energy.  But sleeping well is not just a matter of a good bed and a good mattress, the mood you are in right before you go to sleep is also important. The atmosphere in your bedroom can make a positive contribution and may affect your night's rest.

Translating the latest trends to Auping styles
Auping designs a new collection of bed linen twice a year, inspired by the latest trends of living and design fairs in Milan and Cologne, leading interior brands and fashion labels. But also relevant fashion blogs, Pinterest, magazines and presentations of trendwatchers are sources of inspiration.

3 styles
Because preferences and tastes differ, Auping develops duvet covers, bedspreads, cushions and fitted sheets in 3 styles: classic, cosy and design.

You decorate your home very meticulously. Symmetry and harmony are key words, just like quality, finishing and details. You choose quiet and harmonious colours and shapes which refer to a classical style with a contemporary touch.

You love cosiness, warmth and openness, and therefore you choose a lot of colour, mixed designs and a collection of beautiful stuff, often with an emotional value.

Your home is light and spacious. Decorative elements are often by famous designers or brands and every detail is well-considered. You love natural colours, or black and white in combination with brighter accent colours. 

Create an adequate sleeping environment
Your mood right before you fall asleep is of the utmost importance for a good night’s sleep.  The atmosphere in your bedroom greatly affects this mood. For that reason, you should remove anything not associated with rest, such as clothing lying about or objects relating to work.

Lighting when going to bed
Your body associates bright light with activity and dimmed or warm light with sleep. If you have the habit of reading in bed at night, you should use a reading light with warm light. This promotes the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and is therefore an excellent choice for the bedroom. Try to arrange the lights so that shadows fall on the floors and walls. Shadows make the room more lively, make the room look less structured, which stimulates the fantasy and brings rest and relaxation.

The role of light when waking up
How you wake up is essential and largely determines how you perceive the preceding sleep. Waking up badly can give you the idea that you had a bad night. Scientific research demonstrates that a gradually increasing light intensity in the morning has a positive impact and results in less sleepiness during the day. The intensity of sleep is probably reduced as a result of the gradually increasing light, to ensure that you wake up in a lighter sleeping phase.  Waking up with an alarm clock in combination with gradually increasing light, is therefore a more comfortable way of waking up than with just an alarm clock.