Tulip Inn Amsterdam Airport

Tulip Inn Amsterdam Airport hotel lies just a stone’s throw from Schiphol Airport, beside the woods of Amsterdamse Bos.
This hotel, in a unique boutique style, is a green haven at Schiphol, beside the woods of Amsterdamse Bos.
It offers a tremendous range of facilities:
- rapid, free Wi-Fi suitable for HD streaming
- quiet guest rooms that can be made dark
- relaxation lounge and media/work zones
- fitness centre
- pleasant courtyard
- bar: Skymaster
- electric shuttle service and parking on the premises

And, of course, wonderfully comfortable Auping beds and mattresses. At Tulip Inn, you can sleep on an Auping Original box spring
Fancy a night in this unique hotel? Then book your guest room right here. 

Tulip Inn Amsterdam Airport

Piet Guilonardweg 3
1117EE Schiphol-Amsterdam


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