Which pillow suits you best?

For a good night's sleep you need more than a good bed and a good mattress. A firm, supportive pillow is indispensable for a good sleeping position. But how do you choose pillow that’s best for you?

There’s basically four things to keep in mind when choosing the duvet that’s just right for you.

  • Sleeping position: Are you a belly, side or back sleeper? Your sleeping position determines the support you need.
  • Mattress: Which mattress do you have? If you sink deeper into the mattress with your shoulder, you will need a softer pillow.;
  • Personal preference: Do you like down, synthetic or latex?
  • Allergies: Are you allergic to dust mites or latex?

Sleeping position

What is your sleeping position? A pillow is basically an extension of your mattress, providing the right support for your head. This allows your neck muscles to relax and puts your back in a more natural position, from your neck to your tailbone.

Side sleeper (50% of people):
If you prefer to sleep on your side, the greatest pressure lies on your shoulders. It is then wise to fill the space between your neck and shoulder as much as possible. Our latex cushions have a special shoulder contour, so that the cushion fits properly to your body.

Back sleeper (40% of people: For the back sleeper it is important that the neck is well supported. This prevents your spine from falling into a gap. As a back sleeper, you will benefit most from a flexible pillow. If you sleep on a firm mattress as a back sleeper, you will have more support from a firmer pillow.

Belly sleeper (10% of people: Sleeping on your belly is the least favourable posture, as you have to turn your head to the side to be able to breathe. This makes your neck more tense. If you still prefer to do this, a low and supple pillow is the best choice; you do not have to lie with your neck in an unnatural position.

Prestige Latex pillow with a height of 10 cm is a good choice. Don't you prefer a preformed pillow? Then choose a synthetic or down* pillow with a filling opening. Pulling out some filling will lower your pillow.

Which mattress do you have?
When choosing your pillow, take into account the firmness of your mattress. If you sink into your mattress, you will also need a pillow that is less firm. With a harder mattress, you would also need a firmer pillow. With a mattress that has a shoulder zone, your shoulders sink a little further into the mattress. Choose a lower (or softer) pillow, so that your neck does not get entangled.

What kind of pillow do you prefer?
If you like a pillow that keeps its shape while sleeping, choose one of our latex pillows. If you are the type of person who likes to sink into a pillow, choose a down or synthetic version. At Auping, we have pillows made from down, latex and with a synthetic filling.

Even if you suffer from house dust mite allergy or respiratory problems, we have pillows for you. All our down pillows have a Nomite label. This label indicates that the outside of the pillow is so tight that no house dust mite can penetrate it. If you like to wash your pillow regularly, choose a Prestige Latex pillow or one of our polyester pillows.

*All down products in the Auping assortment are certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).