Frequently asked questions about Auping Evolve

1.  What is the difference with non-circular mattresses?

In most mattresses, the components are glued together for eternity, making it impossible to separate the different materials after use. This makes them unsuitable for reuse. With an Auping, every component can be separated independently, thanks to its modular design. In addition, many mattresses contain foam. Foam consists of a complex mix of different materials that cannot be reused at an equal level. It can only be downcycled. This means that new raw materials must be extracted from the earth continuously to produce new foam. Auping Evolve only contains materials that can be reused endlessly to produce new mattresses.

2. So does this mean I’m sleeping on a second-hand mattress?

Not at all. We guarantee that you’re sleeping on a new mattress. For us, fully circular means that we can reuse the raw materials from each mattress in a high-quality way; therefore, we reuse these raw materials for new mattresses. All materials first undergo a process to finally form a new mattress. So you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

3. Why is Auping Evolve only available in three firmnesses compared to the four firmnesses in the current mattress range?

Auping Evolve is available in soft, medium and firm.
Based on research, the mattress core for the circular design has been revised. New knowledge about BMI’s has been translated into improved zoning and different wire thicknesses for the springs. This has resulted in a change in the firmnesses to be recommended. In this way, we now also have a suitable mattress for consumers who would previously have chosen extra firm. 
A modified BMI table has been developed for Auping Evolve. At the moment, two BMI tables are being used side by side.

4. What is the service life of an Auping Evolve?

The Auping Evolve’s service life is comparable to that of other Auping mattresses, i.e. 10 years.

5. Is there also an upholstered circular mattress for the box spring?

We are currently giving the mattresses with which we can make the most impact, i.e. our non-upholstered mattresses (white mattresses), priority. After that, we will also make the rest of our mattress range circular. 

6. How do you produce Auping Evolve?

The Auping Evolve is handmade in our factory in Deventer (the Netherlands). A 3D polyester comfort layer is placed on the core of steel pocket springs with a polyester shell. This combination is then packed in polyester ticking.

7. If the mattress is made of polyester, does it ventilate well?

You lose 350 ml of moisture per night; that is about as much liquid as in a can of soft drink. That’s why it is important to sleep on a well-ventilated mattress. We do not use foam in the Auping Evolve – instead, we use an open-knit 3D polyester structure – so the mattress ventilates optimally. That’s logical, considering that foam is often used as insulation material. An additional advantage is that the mattress does not feel sweltering at night.

8. Don’t you perspire more when lying on polyester?

Polyester was already being developed further to be used in sportswear, for example, back in the 1980s. And that’s intended for you to sweat in. Nowadays, polyester textile ventilates very well.

9. What happens to my Auping Evolve when I am fully used it up?

If you are fully done using your Auping Evolve, if it is finally worn out, even then this mattress is still of value. We can use it as raw material for a new mattress. We are now optimizing this recycle process. Help us to ensure that your old mattress does not end up as landfill and register your Auping Evolve or contact our customer service.

Register my Auping Evolve

10. How does the Circularity passport work?

The Circularity passport is a web-based platform (website and app) that can be accessed by scanning a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. This technology is being used with increasing frequency, but is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. This NFC chip can be scanned using a smartphone. It’s super handy because reading an NFC tag does not require an app, as is often the case when reading a QR code. NFC is the same technology used for contactless payment and scanning your pass upon entering and exiting public transport.
It’s very simple. Download the NXP (NFC Tagstore) app on your phone. With the latest smartphones, you don’t need this app. Then hold your smartphone against the chip and the Circularity passport opens automatically on your phone. 

11. What is Niaga®?

Niaga® is a DSM innovation venture focused on circular materials and technology. Together with partners Niaga® radically questions the ways in which bulky waste items like for example mattresses are produced. The design principles for circular designs are simple, clean and reversible. This makes them healthier for both people and planet. Products made with Niaga® click-unclick adhesive are built in such a way that their components can be decoupled for easy refurbishment, repair and reuse. They honour the infinity of materials and keep them in the loop, again and again. Products made with Niaga® click-unclick adhesive have a distinctive Niaga® tag. When scanned it gives access to the materials used and how to refurbish and repurpose them. The Niaga® click-unclick adhesive is currently applied to produce mattresses, furniture panels, carpet and rugs. Further redesigns are in the process.

Auping and Niaga® joined forces in 2017 to investigate whether this solution could also be applied to make Auping mattresses. And it worked. Auping has found recyclable materials that provide support and feel comfortably soft when lying on them. Niaga® developed the special click-unclick system that made Auping Evolve a reality. Auping and Niaga have a joint patent on this mattress, in which we use Niaga® click-unclick adhesive.

12. What is Niaga® click-unclick adhesive?

These are granules of polyester that are melted by heating them in order to bond parts together. After use, the Niaga® click-unclick adhesive can be reheated to decouple the parts. This ingredient is what makes the modular circular mattress possible.

13. What is Niaga® technology?

This is the knowledge required to apply Niaga® click-unclick adhesive to a circular mattress. Just think of all the research and material science it took to come up with this technology.

14. Can anyone use this technology?

Yes, we want this to become the new standard for mattresses and help build a world without waste. That’s why we’re eager to share our know-how about applying Niaga® click-unclick adhesive to mattress production. We’re open to meeting with interested producers for this purpose. 

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