Original bed in kleur Pine green

Our colours

The colour palette of Auping

In your bedroom, you want to feel at home and unwind. Colours play an important role in this because they affect your mood. So think carefully about your choice of colour, because every shade has a different effect. Do you go for fresh and light or just a bit darker? In the extensive Auping colour palette, you're sure to find your favourite.

Lacquers & Stains

When putting together your bed or box spring, you mainly take into account the feeling a colour evokes. Our colour palette is carefully composed and there are endless possibilities to create your favourite combination. Moreover, our fabric collection is coordinated with our colour palette - mix and match! With us, you won't find too bright or flashy colours. The shades range from subdued basics to bold hues. The common denominator? Tranquillity. To dream away. The Auping colour palette includes 10 lacquers and 9 stains.


Deep black, Pure white, Warm grey, Cool grey, Night blue, Royal blue, Dusty red, Pine green, Sand beige, Blush.


Midnight black oak, Soft white oak, Chocolate brown oak and Dark blue oak for the Noa bed, the Noble bed and the Auronde bed.

Coffee brown oak for the Noble bed and the Noa bed.

Solid oak for Noble.

Natural walnut and Natural oak for the Auronde bed.

Balanced oak for the Noa bed and the Noble bed.

Our lacquers

Sand beige

A serene, sandy shade. Sand beige is a contemporary colour that has been around for a long time and will always be. Combining many natural and soft tone-on-tone shades creates a luxurious image.
This nature-inspired colour works extremely well with natural materials like ceramics and wood, stonewashed linen or more rugged, knitted fabrics.

essential bed in sand beige

Pure white

A white colour gives your bedroom a fresh look. It makes you feel fresh and that has a positive impact on your sleep. Our Pure white is a bright white colour that we've given a little bit of warmth, because you don't want a cold, white bedroom. White fits everywhere and it's a very good base for your bedroom. An accumulation of different shades of white creates a peaceful place where you have space for your own creativity and your own thoughts.

Deep black

Black in your bedroom gives a chic and calm feeling. Black is a colour with many different gradations, from slightly flatter and fainter to really dark black. Our Deep black has a matt finish that subtly adds depth to the colour. Apply the colour black in your bedroom in different materials for a rich combination with character. In the Auping fabric collection you will find black fabrics that perfectly match the shade of Auping Deep black.

original bed in het zwart

Cool grey

Blue and grey tones bring a sense of calmness to your bedroom. Our Cool Grey is a soothing shade with a blue undertone. The blue adds freshness without making the grey cool. 
Auping Cool Grey is like a chameleon. It's a colour that adapts to any environment and that is very easy to apply.

Warm grey

Our Warm Grey is an accessible, warm colour. This quartz grey adds instant comfort and cosiness to your bedroom.  The colour also blends effortlessly with other colours.
It is a warm colour that it is versatile enough to go with fresher and cooler shades. Warm Grey will give your bedroom the look that will last for years to come. Combine with wool fabrics for additional depth and richness.

Pine green

Bring nature into your bedroom with Pine Green. A robust yet modern dark green shade, inspired by long walks in pine forests. Combine with other dark colours for an elegantly understated atmosphere. You can also use this colour as a statement in an all-white room. Or, if you want to add a touch of sparkle and excitement, pair this powerful green with a powder or beige pink for a contemporary look. 

Green is a colour that is associated with nature and, therefore, contributes to a tranquil atmosphere.


Blush is a fresh and bold colour in the Auping spectrum. A shade of pink that isn't bright, but dusky and subtle. It is a pure colour with a matte finish. Combine Blush with other, natural colours or beautiful pale oak for a soft colour palette in your bedroom. Blush also works well as a bold statement in combination with vibrant colours like sea green and white. 

Dusty red

Make a statement and go for Dusty Red, a colour that will make your bed stand out. This Dusty red is not too bold, but full and spicy. We added a drop of grey to take away some of the brightness, which ensures your bedroom’s colour is never too bright red. Create a classic, dark bedroom by using heavy materials and colours like dark wooden floors combined with red accents. Or keep it fresh and modern by combining Dusty Red with some vibrant spicy colours. Just turn to your spice rack for inspiration.

Royal blue

Our favourite, Royal Blue. A true Auping colour. This intensely blue, serene colour brings peace and serenity into your bedroom. A blue colour makes you feel close to nature, and is inspired by the sea and the sky, but with royal allure.  Royal Blue is wonderful to use as an accent with contrasting colours in a modern bedroom.
Or use it in a tone-on-tone combination, paired with other blue tones for a classic look.

blauw bed in de kleur royal blue

Night blue

Our Night Blue is a dark and deep shade of blue, inspired by the black of the night. Elegant and versatile, it can be used to add freshness to white bedrooms or a classic twist when combined with dark wooden floors. Or mix and match different blue tones and add brown accents, such as a chestnut chair, for a playful touch.

Our stains

You can choose to finish our wooded beds, such as the Auronde, Noa and Noble with a stain.
A stain is transparent layer, so you can still see the structure of the wood. This gives your bed a natural look.

The subdued colour palette is inspired by nature, all 8 stains are all equally soft and relaxing. So is our Midnight black oak an intimate, rich shade of black. Dark and silent as the night. And our Soft white oak is serene and calm. Just one hue away from white.

wit Noa bed in de kleur soft white oak

Colours that are good for the world around us

All of our wooden beds are varnished with water-based lacquer, which means that they contain almost no solvents which could strain the environment. Each varnish colour has its own pipe. This may sound unnecessary, but it means that we don’t need to keep rinsing them, thus wasting less varnish and less water.

Our steel and aluminium beds are painted with powdered paint, a process also referred to as 'powder coating'. Powder coating is an (electrostatic) painting process that makes steel wear-resistant and colourful. During this process no solvents are used which could strain the environment.  This is how we care for the world around us.

kleuren van auping