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A more beautiful world

Auping has been working on the best ways to rest for over 130 years - and for good reason. We believe that a well-rested world is a better world. A more beautiful world. Every bed and mattress is crafted with great attention to detail, the environment and the future. This focus can clearly be seen in all Auping designs. At our head office and factory in Deventer, you’ll find a unique fusion of creativity and innovation.

The combination of high-quality materials like steel, wood and superior upholstery fabrics have become a recognisable Auping signature over the years. Also the interplay of  sleek horizontal lines and soft rounded corners are characteristic for Auping designs.

We want our beds to not only give you a good night’s rest, but also to add style to your interior, so that you will want to spend more time in your bedroom. Our designs literally offer space to rest and relax.

Design heritage

In 130 years we have built a heritage consisting of a number of iconic designs.
Dive into the past and enjoy the classics of Auping history. 

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Advertising Classics

Auping not only innovates in developing bed bases, beds, and mattresses, but Auping was also an early leader in advertising. So the Auping design heritage not only includes classics such as our Auronde and Essential, but also advertising classics.

This timeline showcases the rich history of Auping advertising from the 1920s to the present day.


Designers for Auping

Our product development team has been working together with respected designers since day one. These partnerships can consist of developing a bed or textile collection or jointly carrying out a colour study. But it is always based on a shared pursuit of elegant, high-quality designs and well thought-out products that contribute to a well-rested world.

Meet our designers here


Auping Colours

No matter how busy you are, your bedroom is a place where you can go to at the end of a long day to relax. A place where you feel comfortable and where you spend the happiest moments of your life. Colours have a great impact on our feelings.

Because everyone is different and has different tastes and needs, Auping has put together a carefully crafted palette with an extensive variety of colours. We paid special attention to the mood that the colours evoke and whether the colours encourage to relax. 

Read more about our colours and how to apply them in your bed room.


Our fabric collection

Some like to lie in bed for a long time, while others open every curtain in the house as soon as they get up. One person makes their bed neatly every morning and the other jumps out and doesn’t look back. Some people go for colour and others like to keep it serene. It’s obvious that everyone is different and that style and preferences are personal. That’s why Auping has an extensive fabric collection of no less than 95 choices to upholster your bed and bedroom accessories.

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PHE Hotel bed by Piet Hein Eek

Autumn 2020 Piet Hein Eek will open a boutique Hotel in Eindhoven. The 13 rooms will all be designed and decorated by Piet Hein Eek himself.

He designed a bed of steel especially for his hotel. He himself calls it ‘a bed that already exists’. A sturdy steel frame with visible connections and clear lines. Piet Hein Eek wants his guests to sleep well, in his own bed that is, and on the mattresses of Dutch sleep Brand Auping.   

This collaboration could be called ‘Dutch glory’. Two real Dutch Design brands that find each other in pure, honest design, exceptional craftsmanship and sustainability. 

The PHE Hotel bed from Piet Hein Eek and Auping can be admired in Piet Hein Eek showroom and is en exclusively available in the Auping Store Eindhoven.

Read more about the PHE hotel bed.


Schepers Bosman X Auping: Consumption Quarantine

Together with Schepers Bosman we introduce a capsule collection at the Dutch Desgn Week 2020: Consumption Quarantine. This collection is made of left-over fabrics from our factory in Deventer. 

The capsule collection consists of 3 sets experimental ‘patch work bedding’ with accompanying wearable pieces to wear while sleeping or relaxing. The bed spreads are composed of left-over fabrics from Auping, such as bed linen, mattress ticking or boxspring upholstery. 

With this capsule collection we investigate a form of ‘consumption quarantine’ by seeing value in a simple object like a duvet cover, placing it in a different context and processing it in a different way. We want to show that left-over materials can be re-used in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Take a look at the capsule collection here.


Nighty-Night Colours. Auping X Studio Rens

Auping customers can personally select every aspect of their beds and they can choose from nearly 100 colours. Because every order is directly and individually processed, consumer preferences can be seen daily in the residual materials on the factory floor. Research duo Rens used this data as the starting point for an intensive colour study. This resulted in a concept with a large quantity of data to be visualised and questions to be answered, such as “Which colours are purchased the most?”, “Which ones are purchased the least?”, “What are the ratios in this regard?” and “Are there differences by country or region?”. 

Read more  about this colour study. (article in Dutch)


Limited collection by Mae Engelgeer

In 2016, Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer designed a limited edition bed linen collection for Auping comprising duvet covers, a pillow, bedspread and kilim. Auping and Mae Engelgeer are synonymous with Dutch design and share a passion for colours and high-quality materials.            

Read more about this partnership. 


Auping bed linen collection

Auping designs a bed linen collection twice every year, inspired by current trends but always combined with timeless designs.
The 2020 autumn collection, for instance, features calming and soothing colours.

Take a look here for our most recent bed linen collections.