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There are few occasions as nice as the moment when your head hits the pillow at the end of a long and hard day. At least, if you have a pillow that fits you. Because the restorative power of your pillow is sometimes underestimated. Have a look at the assortment of Auping pillows that match our mattresses and different sleeping positions.

A good pillow contributes to a good night’s rest and a relaxed feeling in the morning. To ensure that your body rests properly while you sleep, it is especially important that your back is positioned straight, all the way from your head to your tailbone. In addition to a good bed base and mattress, a suitable pillow ensures that your body gets the rest it deserves.

But which pillow is the right one for you? When choosing a pillow, we first look at your sleeping position. A stomach sleeper usually likes a different pillow compared to a side or back sleeper. It is also important that your pillow matches the mattress that you have chosen. If, for example, your shoulder sinks deeper into the mattress, you need a softer pillow.

We also listen carefully to your personal wishes. Perhaps you prefer a certain material: down, synthetic or latex. And do you like to adjust the shape of your pillow or do you prefer a pillow that keeps its shape? If you suffer from allergies, for example, dust mite or latex, we will take this into account when looking for the right pillow for you.

In our Auping stores, our sleep experts are ready to help you choose a pillow that matches your body and sleeping posture.

Pillows for every sleeping position

Your sleeping position is crucial for selecting an appropriate pillow. About half of all people are side sleepers. The greatest pressure is then placed on your shoulders. To support your neck adequately, it is important to fill the space between your neck and shoulder properly. If you already have a mattress in which your shoulder can sink into comfortably, you do not need a high pillow. Is your mattress firmer and do you sleep on your side? Then a pillow with a higher height is often ideal for you.

Just under half of all people are back sleepers. If you sleep on your back, it is important that your neck is well supported so that your spine remains straight. A flexible pillow that gives your shoulders enough room is often ideal for back sleepers. In general, back sleepers need a slightly firmer and thinner pillow compared with side sleepers. At Auping, you have a choice of various pillows and you can determine how much filling you like in your pillow.

About one in ten people sleep on their stomach. This is the least favourable sleeping position because your neck is placed under tension as you turn your head to the side to breathe. A low and flexible pillow is therefore recommended for belly sleepers. This allows your neck to remain in a natural position more easily.

Want to know more about how to choose a good pillow? Read our blog on this topic.

Enjoy your Auping pillow for as long as possible

Would you like to enjoy your Auping pillow as long as possible? We provide advice on how to make your pillow last even longer.

To keep your pillow fresh for a long time, it is a good idea to regularly shake it up and let it ventilate outside. Avoid direct sunlight when airing your pillow outside to avoid discolouration. To keep your pillow dust-free between washes, you can remove dust with a brush ( do not use a hoover).

Before you wrap a pillowcase around your pillow, it is smart to use a flannel pillowcase. This way, your pillow remains better protected and you don't have to wash it often.

Would you like to wash your Auping pillow at some point? This can be done at a temperature of 60 degrees. Make sure you dry the pillow very well after washing, for example in the dryer on the lowest setting. A recommendation is to place a number of tennis balls in the dryer so that the pillows dry more quickly. It can help to run the drying programme at least twice. Because washing and drying a pillow remains a difficult job, we advise you to have your pillow steamed at the dry cleaner.

If your pillow is due for replacement, we ask you not to throw it away but to hand it over to us. Because we at Auping strive for a sustainable world, without waste, pillows are given a second life. You can bring your pillow to an Auping store near you or send it in for free with a return form. In this way, we make a joint effort to create a more beautiful and sustainable world.