Split mattress topper

Mattress toppers

A mattress topper, or top mattress, is a mattress that you put on top of your box spring mattress to make sure you can sleep comfortably. A box spring consists of several layers. On the lower part of a box spring, the box, lies a mattress. You can have this mattress upholstered or you can keep it white. If you choose to upholster your mattress (a real box spring mattress), you should always put a mattress topper on top of it.  

The mattress of your box spring provides the support for your body and the mattress topper ensures a pleasant feeling when lying down. Auping top mattresses are available in all sizes and suitable for all Auping box springs.

6 benefits of a mattress topper

An Auping mattress topper:

1. Makes you lie down comfortably

With a topper on top of your mattress(es) you lie down extra comfortably. Moreover, by choosing a topper you can create an extra firm or extra soft feeling when lying down.

2. Ensures good ventilation

Moisture regulation in our toppers is optimal through the use of high-quality materials such as natural latex, perforated latex, pure wool, pure cotton and horsehair.

3. No need to turn over

If you have a double mattress, you know better than anyone that it takes a lot of physical effort to turn your mattress over regularly. Auping mattrasses and top matrasses you don't have to turn over.

4. No more gaps between two single mattresses

Do you sleep with your partner in a double box spring with two mattresses? By placing a mattress topper on top of these two mattresses, you no longer suffer from the gap between the two mattresses. This allows you to lie down comfortably with your partner or have all the space for yourself to lie down in the middle of the boxspring.

5. Can be attached to the mattress

All Auping mattress toppers and mattresses have a so-called linking system of knots and loops with which you can attach your topper to the mattress. This prevents the top mattress and mattress from moving.

6. Is nice and fresh

Auping mattress toppers have a removable cover. You can easily remove the cover from the topper and wash it in the washing machine.  

Dimensions of a mattress topper

The most common dimensions of a mattress toppers are: mattress topper 140x200 cm, mattress topper 160x200 and mattress topper 180x200cm.    

Split mattress topper

Do you have an electrically adjustable box spring with two single mattresses? By placing a split mattress topper on the mattresses, you can adjust the bed bases separately.

Auping mattress toppers

When you buy an Auping box spring mattress, it is combined with an Auping mattress topper. The box spring mattress gives you the right support and the top mattress ensures that you lie down comfortably. You have a choice of different mattress toppers for each box spring.

For our Original and Criade box spring you can choose from three different top mattresses: the mattress topper Comfort, mattress topper Prestige and mattress topper Deluxe. For our Kiruna box spring you can choose from two different top mattresses; one with horsehair and one with wool.