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The Original is a minimalistic designed bed with strong lines and an elegant look. The bed is inspired by one of Auping's very first designs, the Cleopatra, and is available in ten colors.

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Original bed Pine green
Original bed Pine green
Original bed Blush
Original bed Blush
Original bed Deep black

Colours and material

For the Auping Original: you can make it as coloured as you want. There are 10 colours to choose from for the steel frame and the base legs. The mesh base, on the other hand, is always black. The wooden table is available in 17 colours. So you can choose contrast, a colourful ensemble or just tranquility. For the Original, you can choose from three matching headboards. 

Straight is a minimalistic wooden headboard with rounded corners. The headboard is painted in one of the ten Auping paint colours. 

 The Outline is sleekly designed and fits the minimalist design of the bed. The wooden base is upholstered in the fabric of your choice and has a breathable lining which makes the headboard nice and soft. The upholstery is finished with a subtle cord. 

 Stitch is a tough, rectangular fabric headboard with a thick cord. The quilted seams provide a modern stripe pattern. This headboard is also available in two heights and has a breathable lining, so you can sit comfortably against it. Choose your favourite colours in the configurator. 

Wake up well rested

Auping Original can be combined with all Auping mattresses and bed bases. Do you need help choosing which mattress suits your body? Ask our staff in one of our stores. Then you know for sure that you get proper advice.   

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Designed with love

The Original is partly made by hand and partly by machine in our own factory in Deventer. The minimalistic design of the Original is also a smart design. It is easy to assemble and the mounting parts are concealed in such a way that you only see the tight frame. That not only looks beautiful, but is also useful. You can easily demount the Original, whenever you want.


Een leven lang op één bed. Het klinkt als een droom, maar dankzij het stalen frame is het realiteit. Onze Auping Original kan generaties lang meegaan.

Auping Design Studio - Ontwerper Auping Original

Design the Original of your dreams

In our online configurator you can compose your Original completely to your liking. Choose the colour of your bed frame, the headboard, the accessories and the size for your bedroom. Prefer some help with designing your bed? Then make a store appointment. Our sleep experts are happy to help you  put together your dream bed. 

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