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The Auronde is a true design classic made from wood with characteristic aluminum details.  Designed by Franse de la Haye in 1973. Its rounded shapes and bright colours were revolutionary back then. And once again it's revolutionary: with new materials, colours and the possibility to adapt the details to your whished, you get the great design from back then, with today's contemporary design.

De Auronde is een echte designklassieker gemaakt van hout met kenmerkende aluminium details. In 1973 ontworpen door Frans de la Haye. Toen een revolutionair ontwerp door de ronde vormen en felle kleuren. Nu opnieuw revolutionair: door de details op jouw wensen aan te passen, krijg je het vertrouwde ontwerp van toen, met het design van nu.

Dutch Design 

Dutch Designer Frans de la Haye designed the Auronde in 1973.

"I wanted to make a bed that lasts a lifetime (lots of beds were made of chipboard which is easily damaged) and that is easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble."

That's why he opted for beech with striking aluminum details, thus bringing design and sustainability perfectly together. 

45 years heritage 

The Auronde: in 1973 revolutionary with its rounded shapes and bright colours. 

Now, 45 years later, once again revolutionary with new materials, new colours and the possibility to adapt the aluminum details to your whises.

Meanwhile, more than 1.000.000 Aurondes has been sold. In every street in the Netherlands, there is at least one house with an Auronde bed.

Exceptionally strong beech

Exceptionally strong beech is the basis for every Auronde. 
At Auping we always choose sustainable and high-quality materials because we believe that you sleep better in a bed that has been made with care and attention for the world around you.

The beech we use for the Auronde is made with 15 layers of wood, that makes it extremely strong, and gives your Auronde a very long lifespan.

16 colours

The Auronde is made of exceptionally strong beech. You can choose for 10 colours for your Auronde. Or opt for a finish in walnut or oak veneer. There are four stain colours to choose from for the oak veneer. For the aluminum details you can choose a matching or contrasting colour.

Colours: Pure white, Deep black, Cool grey, Warm grey, Clay, Forest green, Skin, Coral red, Rusty red of Night blue.

Stains: Golden yellow oak, Poppy red oak, Burgundy oak, Royal blue oak, Natural oak, Natural walnut

Aluminum details: Pure white, Deep black, Cool grey, Warm grey, Clay, Forest Green, Skin, Coral Red, Rusty red, Night blue of Aluminum

Various formats

The Auronde is available in various formats:

As single bed: 80, 90, 100 or 120 cm X 200, 210 or 220 cm.
As double bed: 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm X 200, 210 or 220 cm.

There are 3 different heights to choose from for your Auronde:  34,5 cm, 41,5 cm or 48 cm.  
And make your Auronde bed complete with the different accessoires we have for the Auronde:

- flush surround head unit
- headboard 
- table 

Combine your Auronde with a flat or adjustable Auping mesh base and Auping mattresses. 

Dutch craftmanship

Every Auping bed, so the Auronde as well, is made in our own factory in Deventer, the Netherlands.   
Everyday we combine handwork and craftmanship with the latest developments in technology, ergonomics and design.
This enables us to guarantee the best quality for every Auronde.

Auronde seperable

A seperable Auronde is a double bed of which the two parts can easily be seperated, this makes it very easy to clean underneath your bed. The bed has a connector at the head- and foot end. The connector at the head end keeps the beds together and the connector at the foot end can be easily disconnected to seperate the two beds.

Are you convinced that the Auronde fits your bedroom perfectly?

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Our Auping experts will advice you which Auronde suits you best.
Together you'll set the appointment for delivery and installation of the Aurond at your home.