Buy duvet covers at Auping

A beautiful duvet cover completes your bed or box spring and adds atmosphere to the bedroom. Choose the duvet cover you like and that matches your bedroom. Browse through the collection of Auping duvet covers featuring various prints, colours and fabrics.

A beautiful duvet cover for every bed

Our duvet covers are made of high-quality, soft and breathable materials such as cotton or cotton satin.

Auping participates in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) programme with the aim of improving cotton cultivation worldwide. The duvet covers are made of responsibly cultivated cotton, which makes you sleep even better under your Auping duvet cover.

The duvet covers of 100% cotton satin are made of extra fine yarn which is more densely woven. This makes the duvet cover feel comfortable and soft and gives it a subtle sheen.

At Auping, you have a broad choice of different colours and designs of duvet covers. Do you prefer a minimalist, peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom? Then choose a duvet cover in a neutral shade such as white, light grey or beige. Do you prefer colour and a printed duvet cover? You have plenty of choice of colourful duvet covers with contemporary prints.

Our duvet covers retain their colour for a long time, even after being washed dozens of times. When making our duvet covers, we use reactive dyes for the design or the print of the duvet cover. So the duvet cover retains its colour longer, even after dozens of washes. Each Auping duvet cover can be washed at up to 60 degrees and is suitable for the tumble dryer. You can also iron the duvet cover without damaging its colouring.

Additional benefits of an Auping duvet cover

A nice extra of the Auping duvet covers is the button down system. You can fasten your Auping duvet to the cover with buttons. Making up your bed is a lot easier that way and the duvet doesn't slide down.

Each duvet cover has a double tuck-in strip running the entire width of the cover. This makes it easy to tuck the duvet cover under the mattress and keeps it in place, regardless of how much you turn over at night.

Matching pillowcases are included with each duvet cover. The Auping pillowcases have a hotel fastener. This double fold makes it irrelevant which side of the pillow is used and your pillow always looks nice and tucked in.

Dimensions of Auping duvet covers

At Auping, you will find duvet covers in all the common sizes. A duvet cover 140x260 is needed for a single bed. Auping also offers matching duvet covers for all double duvets.

Do you have an extra long bed or long box spring with a long duvet, for example of 220 cm? The Auping duvet covers are also suitable for the longest length duvets. All the duvet covers are in fact 260 cm long.