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Q&A with Eva Harlou

Q&A with Eva Harlou

Auping Noa

The Danish architect Eva Harlou designed our latest bed Auping Noa. We love to introduce Eva to you: 

Please introduce yourself

I am a Danish architect, I work and live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I have two children  (age 7 and 12).  After I graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2003, I started working for an architect in Copenhagen where I gained a vital understanding of the architecture world. In 2006 I set up my own studio in 2006, focussing on both architecture and design. I have worked as a tv host, primarily focusing on architecture and design shows. -  I love telling people about these topics.

My architecture and interior design practice unites high quality interior design with a sustainable mindset.  I have designed a wide range of sustainable interior design projects such as hotels, restaurants, office spaces and showrooms as well as sustainable furniture. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are always on my mind while doing my work.  And although I am very focused on sustainability, I never compromise on quality. Great design has to be both functional, durable and beautiful. My design is best described as classic, simple and Scandinavian.

What inspired you to study architecture - to become a designer/architect?

I grew up in a family with big interest in architecture and furniture design, from a very early age learned a lot about these topics. Especially my dad encouraged me to study furniture design and he showed me examples from great architects. So I guess architecture and furniture design is in my blood – and it felt very natural to become an architect.


What was your inspiration for the Noa design?

For me it was important to design a bed that represents the special Auping DNA as well as my signature as a Danish architect. Auping has a tradition of making light bed models on legs. The Noa bed is a light bed too.
Noa has, just like all other Auping beds, a mesh base and the bed frame is designed around that characteristic base. I aimed to make a classic looking bed that fits easily into many different interiors and that will last for a long time. A bed is a huge part of our lives. We spend a lot of time in bed and we not only sleep in the bed. We take great pride in our bedroom interiors. We even show our bedrooms to guests and on social media. Noa embraces our daily lives in general – we clean, we decorate, we read, we play, we watch movies, we eat in or around our bed.

What is the match between you and Auping?

The collaboration between Auping and myself as an architect has been great. We are a great match.
Auping has a strong sense of form, function and beauty – and at the same, Auping is very ambitious and wants to create unique pieces. I also aim for that.
We both have the ambition to make high quality design, produced with great respect for the environment.

Can you advice on how to use the Noa daybed in our interior?

Noa adapts to you and your life. You can use Noa in a very classic setting or you can use Noa as a sculptural piece of furniture to be enjoyed from all angles. 
Roll Noa into the middle of the room if you have enough space.

What is your favorite furniture piece?

I love all my furniture and I have my furniture for a long time. I have both old furniture from my grandparents as well as very modern pieces. One of my favorite pieces is my work desk. It is a prototype of one of my own designs. It is a desk that has three sizes in one – and can be flat packed. I often test my furniture design in my own house.

What is your favorite design brand?

I love the international modernism such as the Bauhaus design, it inspires me. I am a big fan of Le Corbusier’s work – and I also enjoy classics from great architects such as the both playful and ambitious design by Charles and Ray Eames and the handcrafted beauties of Danish furniture architect Hans J. Wegner. 
The sustainable brand Mater is one of my contemporary favorites. I really appreciate it when design addresses the challenges of our society and planet.