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Our fabrics

Auping fabric collection

The Auping fabric collection is carefully composed of 14 fabrics in 95 varieties, divided into 5 price groups (A-E). The fabric collection ranges from basic fabrics in solid colours to beautifully detailed, luxury fabrics with graphic structures. The collection includes fabrics made from recycled materials, wool, and polyester. All six fabrics in categories D and E are from the Danish fabric manufacturer Kvadrat.

In the Auping fabric collection, you will find several sustainable options such as the Points (B) fabric, which is made of recycled yarn from second-hand clothing or fabric remnants. Kvadrat’s Reflect (C) fabric is produced in the Netherlands using 100% recycled polyester. The Maze (B) fabric is made with yarn from 100% recycled PET bottles. And Kvadrat’s Re-wool (D) fabric is made from 45% recycled wool.

Fabric group A

These are basic fabrics in solid colours that have subtle textures. All three fabrics – Grid, Peach, and Salt – are made of polyester. Our favourite in this fabric group is the Grid Denim. A beautiful, bright blue colour.

Salt is a high-quality imitation leather with a visible grain, making it hard to distinguish from real leather. Give your bed a sleek leather look with this fabric. This fabric is sleek and somewhat stiff, making it very suitable for upholstering flat surfaces, such as a box spring. Salt is available in 8 colours.

Grid has a coarse structure and feels nice and soft. The fabric is made of 100% polyester fibres, which means this fabric is strong and durable. We have selected 6 Grid colours.

Peach is a fairly smooth fabric with a nice, regular structure. Peach’s softness will surprise you. Not only does the fabric feel wonderfully soft, Peach also comes in 8 beautiful soft colours, such as Blossom and Eucalyptus.

hoofdbord Mute

The picture shows the Mute headboard of our Original box spring upholstered in Peach.

Fabric group B

Fabric group B includes fabrics with unique structures. The Points, Maze, and Dew fabrics all have an amazing touch and feel to them. Dew, for example, feels like a soft velour. Both Points and Maze are very durable.

Maze is a very soft and touchable fabric, available in 5 colours. This fabric has a beautiful matte look and is made from fibres that are produced from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Points is made of recycled yarn from second-hand clothing or fabric remnants and is produced in Italy. We have selected Points in 7 varied colours.

Dew is a velour-like fabric with a luxurious feel. Try upholstering a pouffe or pillow in a different Dew colour than your bed. This makes for a very rich combination, almost hotel-like, but still serene because it is the same fabric. The 6 colours we have selected combine beautifully.

hoofdbord Valencia

Pictured is a Kiruna box spring with a Valencia headboard upholstered in Dew fabric.

Fabric group C

You will find two warm, rich and graphic fabrics in fabric group C: Facet and Reflect. Both fabrics are produced close to home in Europe. 

Facet is a melange, felt-like fabric. This fabric gives your box spring a nice, warm look. In our colour palette of 7 colours, there are two beautiful shades of blue, specifically Blue and Navy.

Reflect is a very refined upholstery fabric with a natural look, created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola and produced in the Netherlands from 100% recycled polyester. The fabric is very soft and delicate to touch, which is incredibly unique for a fabric made from recycled polyester, which often tends to be a bit stiff. We have selected 9 colours.

rode Criade boxspring

The picture shows the Criade box spring upholstered with Reflect.

Fabric group D

Fabric group D consists of 3 premium woollen fabrics, all from the Danish fabric manufacturer Kvadrat: Clara, Remix, and Re-wool.

Clara is a multi-coloured, melange woollen upholstery fabric by designer Anne Birgitte Hansen. We have selected 9 colours, including a number of bright colours such as yellow, which can be used to upholster a beautiful pillow for on your bed or a pouffe for next to your bed.

Remix is an elegant and flexible upholstery fabric designed by Giulio Ridolfo. From a distance, the fabric appears to be one colour, but when you look closer, you see a nice, subtle colour contrast. Our selection of ten colours includes some deep blue-red combinations inspired by traditional Indigo paints.

Re-wool is a durable, ultra-strong upholstery fabric by Kvadrat, designed by Margrethe Odgaard, and made of 45% recycled wool, blended with 45% wool and 10% nylon. Auping has selected 6 colours.

hoofdbord van het essential bed

The picture shows the Essential headboard upholstered with Clara and the decorative cushion with Re-wool.

Fabric group E

Fabric group E contains three luxurious and exclusive fabrics. The knitted Plecto and Sprinkles fabrics and the Jaali fabric combine wonderfully with the other fabrics in the Auping range and add a sense of luxury to the bedroom.

Jaali is the Hindi word for grid, and that grid-like pattern with hexagonal shapes is clearly visible in this architectural woollen upholstery fabric, designed by Doshi Levine. Jaali’s 6 colours are never loud or dominant, which makes them very suitable for bedroom accessories.

Plecto is a surprisingly soft fabric with a hi-tech character, designed by Febrik, which wanted to give this comfortable fabric a sporty look. Plecto is produced in the Netherlands and we have selected 4 colours of Plecto for our fabric collection.

Sprinkles is a cheerful, knitted upholstery fabric, created by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot for Kvadrat. Sprinkles is produced in the Netherlands. We selected 4 colours for our fabric collection. If you look at the fabrics from a distance, they appear to be subtle blends of muted colours, but if you look closer, it is a kaleidoscopic collection of small, coloured dots.

gestoffeerde poef van Auping

Picture: Auping pouffe upholstered with Sprinkles.