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Let your guests wake up well rested

At Auping, we have been working on the best solutions for sleep and rest for over 135 years. We want your guests to wake up refreshed and energized so that they can make the most of their day and fully enjoy what your hotel has to offer. Sleep brings rest to the body and mind, allowing them to start a new day relaxed. Hotel guests consider a good night's sleep increasingly important and explicitly take it into account when choosing a hotel.

Auping Revive

The bed specially developed for the hospitality industry.


Due to the wide range of options, there is always a combination that suits your hotel.


Together with many partners, we provide the best sleep for the hospitality industry.

Auping Revive Circulair

Together with Niaga®, we have developed the world's first circular mattress.
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First Night Effect

During our sleep, we typically change positions around 30 times per night, which is beneficial for blood circulation and keeping our joints flexible. The first time you sleep in a 'foreign' bed, such as a hotel bed, you may experience some restlessness; this is known as the "first night effect." That's why it's crucial, not only at home but especially in hotels, to have a bed that provides proper support to the body and optimal ventilation, ensuring that every guest wakes up wonderfully refreshed the next day.

Auping Petersburg
Auping bed Petersburg

Hotel locator

You always deserve the best night's sleep, even when traveling. Over 95 hotels, B&Bs, and holiday parks have already chosen Auping. Find here one of the hotels that have opted for 100% Dutch design. This way, you can ensure that you start your day full of energy. Click here for the Auping Hotel locator.


If you would like to learn more about all the possibilities for your hotel, please feel free to contact us.

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