Double beds

Buying a new double bed at Auping

The Auping double beds are not only ergonomically sound, they are also a sustainable choice and a real eye-catcher in your bedroom. We pay a lot of attention to the design of our beds. Did you know that our Original bed and Essential bed have won several Design Awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and IF Award?

Because we make all our beds to order in our factory in Deventer, you can put together your bed the way you like it. We look at your personal preferences and build to advise you on the bed and mattress that suits you best. When putting together your double bed you have countless options such as different colors and upholstery. 

We use sustainable materials in the production of our beds. Therefore our beds are of high quality and last a long time. 

We equip all our double beds with the Auping mesh base. This bed base is known for its good ventilation. So it's good for you and your mattress. 

The right double bed for you

At Auping you can choose from a wide range of double beds. There is always a size that suits you and your bedroom perfectly. Do you have a small bedroom or student room? Then choose a queen-size bed; a compact double bed with a size of 120x200 or 140x200 cm. You can sleep comfortably with your partner or have all the space you need to lie wide.

You can also buy our beds in different lengths. The standard length of a bed is 200 cm, but at Auping you can also find double beds of 210 or even 220 cm long. We recommend choosing a bed that is 20 to 30 cm longer than the longest person in bed.

Besides the usual sizes of beds 140x200 and beds 160x200, you can also choose a nice wide double bed: a bed 180x200 or bed 200x200. 

Prefer a double box spring? You'll find those too at Auping. You have a choice of different models of box springs.

Double beds with mattresses

For a double bed, you can choose between two single mattresses or a double mattress. All Auping mattresses are built up layer by layer. This means you don't have to turn them. The bottom layer, the felt base, gives stability to the mattress; in the core of the mattress, the pocket springs provide good support. The top layer ensures that you are comfortable lying down.

What is a good mattress for you depends on several factors. We can also add two individual cores to a double mattress. So you can choose a hard core and your bed partner can choose a soft core. 

Electrically adjustable double bed

All Auping double beds can be fitted with an electrically adjustable bed base. This is an intelligent spiral base that not only offers the best ventilation and support, but also has a smart alarm clock and an anti-snoring function.

We have three variants of electric bed bases: Smart base 1M (one motor), Smart base 2M (two motors) or Smart base 3M (three motors).

Thanks to these motors you can put your back, both your back and legs or just your back, legs or head in the desired position. Do you want to quietly read a book or watch your favorite series? Then put your back part upright with the help of the adjustment. Your legs are supported so that you don't slump down. With the head adjustment, your neck and head are well supported.