Single beds

Buy a single bed at Auping

A single bed is nice and compact so it doesn't take up much room in your bedroom. A single bed is therefore often found in children's rooms, student rooms or small bedrooms.

At Auping, sustainability, innovation and design are central to everything we do. Your new bed is made by hand with great care in our sustainable factory in Deventer. There we make your new single bed to order, so that you can adjust your bed entirely to your wishes. Decide on the color of the bed frame, choose a bed with or without a headboard and choose matching accessories such as a beautiful comforter cover, pillow and bedside tables in the same color as the bed frame.

Each Auping bed has its own distinctive design. The Essential bed, for example, is the first fully recyclable bed in the world. The modern, minimalist bed frame consists largely of recycled aluminum and is made according to the Cradle to Cradle principle. This means that this bed meets the strict requirements in terms of material safety and the reusability of the materials.

The Auronde bed is one of Auping's design classics. The bed frame is made of wood with aluminum details and was designed in 1973 by designer Frans de la Haye. With its round shapes and bright colors, this was a revolutionary design in the 1970s. And still the bed is a popular Auping bed that we see a lot in Dutch bedrooms.

Besides these two beds, you can choose from the minimalist Original bed, the Royal bed known for its curved legs and the Noa bed, the latest bed from Auping with Scandinavian design. All Auping beds are available as single beds in different sizes. Prefer a single box spring? You'll find those too at Auping.

Different single beds

Single beds come in different sizes and can be put together with a matching mattress. This way you can choose a single mattress that suits your sleeping preferences. The most common size of a single bed is a bed 90x200. Besides a single bed of 90x200 cm, you also have the choice of other sizes. It is important to choose the right size which gives you all the space to lie comfortably and move around in your sleep.

At Auping, we advise you to choose a bed that is 20 to 30 cm longer than you are. At Auping, you can choose a single bed of 90x210 cm or even 220 cm long. So there's always a bed that's long enough for you.

Besides different lengths, you also have the choice of different widths for single beds. We have beds with widths of 80, 90, 100 or even 120 cm. 

And would you like a bigger size? Then go for a double bed from Auping. With widths from 140 cm to 200 cm you have all the space you need, whether you sleep alone or as a couple.

Single beds with ventilating spiral base

We fit our single beds and box springs with a spiral base. This unique bed base consists of 80% open space, so it ventilates better than any other bed base. And that's important, because it allows your mattress to release the body moisture you lose during the night into the air. Your mattress stays nice and fresh and you extend the life of your single bed and mattress.