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Bed bases

Does my new mesh base fit into my old bed frame?
This depends on the type of bed frame. Please contact our customer service. They will be happy to check with you whether a new mesh base fits in your bed frame.

How long will my Auping mesh base last?
A mesh base has a lifespan of 35 years.

How do I see if my current mesh base is still in good condition?
To assess the condition of your current mesh base, we can give you a few tips. You can check whether the mesh base does not have any protruding parts or other damage and/or deviations. In addition, It’s also a good idea to check if the mesh itself still has proper tension and doesn’t sag.

Can I combine my Auping mesh base with a bed frame from another brand?Unfortunately, we cannot judge this. However, we can advise you to take into account the dimensions of the Auping mesh base. It is always 1 cm narrower and 2 cm shorter than the size you order. The frame of the mesh base is 7 cm.

Where do I get spare parts for my Auping mesh base?
Individual parts (large and small) can be ordered from our Auping Stores. It helps our staff to order the right part by showing a picture of your bed base where the part is missing or by taking a picture of the part itself.

I have a complaint about my mesh base. What do I do?
If you made the purchase in one of our Stores, please contact the store where it was purchased. Did you make a purchase via our webshop? Please contact our customer service.

Is there anything I should consider when buying my mesh base?
When buying a mesh base, we recommend that you take account of the dimensions of the product ordered and the accessories that it comes with (e.g. headboard, footboard) so that it can be transported without difficulty in a lift or through a staircase.  

Please note! Our mesh bases cannot be folded in half. So if you choose a 120 or 140 mesh base, it must fit through the door or stairwell in its entirety. Measure this to be sure before placing your order.

What is the delivery time of our products?
The current delivery time can be found on our website at the specific product.

Is it possible to buy only a mesh base?
Under the header bed bases on the website, you can purchase a separate mesh base.

Is there an assembly chart and/or manual available for my mesh base?
Our manuals can be found on our manuals page. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service.

Do you have the mesh bases in stock?
We produce all mesh bases to order and therefore do not have a physical stock.