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On this page we will help you to use the Auping Smart base and the associated Auping Connect app. You will find the answers to frequently asked questions and useful tips to get the most out of your Auping Smart base.

Discover Auping Smart base

Bed controller

Smart alarm clock

Anti-snore function

Change language

Reset bed settings

Discover Auping Smart base

 Auping Connect is easy to use. After you have installed the app and the hub, it is important that your phone or tablet is connected to your WiFi network. Open the app and you'll enter the basic screen of the bed control.

The functions in the app are divided into 3 screens

  • Smart Alarm clock
  • Bed controller
  • Snoring Detection

By default, the app opens in the screen you control.
Navigate to the other screens using the icons at the bottom of the screen. You can navigate between the different main screens by clicking on one of the icons at the bottom of the screen. The alarm clock, the bed or the moon icon.

discover smartbase




Bed controller

 By default, the app opens in the screen with which you operate your bed.
With the bed icons you select which bed you want to adjust. Left, right or both.

You control the individual motors of your Smart base with the arrows above and below the bed. Or operate all the motors at once with the buttons in the middle so that the bed goes up or down in one go.

bed controller

Remember your favourite setting:

The star icon on your screen allows you to save your favourite setting.
You have saved a favourite setting when the icon is coloured.
Follow the instructions below to save your favourite setting. 


Step 1: First make sure your bed is completely flat.

Step 2: Select which bed side you want to adjust

Step 3: Adjust your bed to the desired position with the arrow keys and save your settings by pressing save.

Your favourite setting is now saved. The star icon is now white and can be used.
Please note: the bed must always be completely flat before you can go to your favourite setting. 

You can change your favourite setting if you wish, in settings 'saved position'.
Go to settings by clicking on the icon in the top right.
There you will also find information about the app, you can set the language and if necessary reconfigure or reset your Auping Connect.

favourite settings




Smart alarm clock

 The Auping Smart Base wakes you up in a pleasant way. There are several options for this. In the sleep planner, you can set what time you want to go to bed, what time you want to get up and what type of alarm clock you want to be woken up with.

Setting the sleep timer

Switch the sleep planner on or off with the button on the top right. Set the desired bedtime and wake-up time with the circle. The total sleep time is shown in the middle.
If you have set the alarm clock, an icon in the status bar will show you which alarm clock you have set and for which bed half you have set the silent alarm clock.

Smart alarm


By clicking on the alarm clock icon in the top right corner, you will reach the settings of the sleep planner.
Here you can set the following:
- on which days of the week you want to use the alarm with sound
- do you want to wake up with sound or with movement
- for which bed side do you set the smart alarm clock

smart alarm


The different alarm functions:

The app has a number of different alarm clocks:

  1. Alarm with sound: the standard alarm clock.
    You can select a ringtone and you can select whether you want to snooze or not.
    Please note that this alarm clock requires the sound of your phone to be on.
  2. Alarm with movement: wake up in silence.
    With this alarm clock you wake up by the movement of your bed. The back part of your bed slowly rises at your wake-up time.
  3. Smart alarm: Wake up in your light sleep.
    Waking up from a deep sleep is not pleasant. This smart alarm wakes you during light sleep, within half an hour before your set alarm time.
    The slider lets you adjust how quickly the app reacts to sound. A high sensitivity will react faster to sound than a low sensitivity.
  4. Bedtime reminder: go to bed on time.
    Set a bedtime for regularity in your sleep rhythm. Select when you want to receive the reminder.

smart alarm

Anti-snore function

Enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep without a snoring partner.
Once you have activated the anti-snoring function, place your mobile phone on the bedside table next to your bed, at the height of your head.

How does it work:

The Auping Connect app measures the frequency and pattern of the sound volume (dB) in your bedroom. When this pattern corresponds with that of snoring, your bed will react by lifting the headboard slightly. This will open up your airways and reduce snoring.
Another option is to let the head of the bed move briefly so that you turn over on your side.

Bedroom privacy
Your privacy is important to us. We will therefore not be hearing or recording the sounds in your bedroom. No data will be stored or used for other purposes than activating your bed in case of snoring. 

Snore detection screen
The main screen of the so-called snore detector contains a number of functions:

  • the start button
  • the snoring values
  • bedside selection
  • settings

The start button
With the start button you turn on the snore detection. It will stop automatically the next morning when your alarm clock rings. If you don't set an alarm you can turn off the snore detection at any time with the stop button.

    Snoring values
    You will see three snore values:  

    1. The measured noise volumes
    2. Number of times the bed has been activated by the app during the previous night
    3. The number of hours of sleep

    Bedside selection
    In the settings you select the bed side that should react to snoring noises.

    The snore icon in the top right corner takes you to the snore detection settings menu. Here you can set the following:
    - which snore function you want to use
    - the sensitivity
    - after how much time the snore detection should start
    - bedside selection
    - calibration

    anti-snore start

    Anti-snoring mode

    In the settings menu, select what you want the bed to do when it hears snoring noises.

    Lift: the head end rises slightly
    Nudge: the head end moves briefly

    The anti-snoring function only works if the bed is in a flat position when you go to sleep.

    The sensitivity 

    By choosing low/medium/high you can set the sensitivity of the anti-snoring function.

    The higher the sensitivity, the sooner the app will respond.
    Ambient noise also affects the anti-snoring function and the sensitivity of the microphone varies from phone to phone. For this we perform a calibration of the microphone. So experiment with this a few times.


    anti-snore detection


    With the timer, you can set how long it takes for the snore detection to start. Most people fall asleep after about 20 minutes. If you want the snore detection to start immediately when you press start, set the timer to 0.

    The back section of the mesh base rises when the anti-snoring function is used.
    When the anti-snoring function is activated, the back section rises slightly. Please note: Leave the mesh base in this position, otherwise the actions will be minimal. You will then feel the mesh base moving less or not at all.

    Why does the back section have to rise a bit?
    We raise the back part of the bed to free up the airways and thus reduce snoring. The motors also need a few seconds to actually set the mesh base in motion. Because the motors are already in a certain position, the action can be performed immediately.

    Explanation of measurement method anti-snoring function

    Your privacy is important to us. We will therefore not hear or record the sounds in your bedroom. No data will be saved or used for other purposes than activating your bed in case of snoring. 

    The Auping Connect app measures the sound volume (dB), frequency and pattern in your bedroom. If this corresponds to the pattern of snoring, your bed will react after a while by slightly raising the headboard.

    To distinguish what is a snore and what is another sound, the app listens to the frequency, duration and repetition of the sound. If a series of matching sounds is detected, the snore detection system takes action.
    The series of snoring sounds is measured for 1 minute. The series of snores must occur within one minute. If you stop snoring within a minute, the snore detection will not activate.

    Environmental sounds can also activate the snore detection. This is unavoidable, but will be limited as much as possible by the algorithm in the app. Therefore, depending on the sensitivity set, it can take up to a minute before the snore detection function is activated.

    The sensitivity of the microphones of phones differs and this is important for the anti-snoring function. The algorithm has been adjusted for this and the snore prevention function works well for most phones at medium sensitivity. If you feel that the snore detection is too fast or not fast enough, adjust the sensitivity.

    Change language

     The Auping Connect takes over the language settings from your phone.

    change language



    Reset bed settings

     If you want to make changes to the type of bed that you have installed, for example because you have bought a different mattress, it is not necessary to redo the whole installation.

    Go to settings.
    And select Reset Bed.
    Then follow the instructions on the screen.

    reset bed
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