Auping Nightblue Smartbase

Installing and setting up

Installing and setting up

Getting started with Auping Connect

Congratulations on the purchase of your Auping Connect. At Auping we believe that a rested world is a better world. Improve your sleeping experience with the smart technology of Auping Connect. You no longer have to lie awake because of a snoring partner, you can easily adjust your bed with your phone or tablet and you can start your day with the smart alarm clock.


What does the package contain?

The package contains the Auping Connect and a power adapter. If you have ordered an Auping Connect for your Royal bed model, two blue cables are also included.

It is important that you only use the cables supplied when installing the Auping Connect. Other cables may not work and could damage the Auping Connect.


What else do you need?

WiFi connection: To be able to use Auping Connect, it is important to have a good WiFi connection in the bedroom.

Auping Connect works on a network bandwidth of 2.4Ghz. If you have a dual-band router that also has a 5Ghz network, choose the 2.4Ghz network during installation to be able to connect. After installation, the system will also work using the 5Ghz network.

Mobile device: In addition to a good WiFi connection, you need a phone or tablet with an Android or iOS (iPhone) operating system. We support iOS versions 12 and higher and Android versions 7.0 and higher. Download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play store.

Auping Smart base: Of course you will need an electrically adjustable Auping bed base. Auping Connect can be connected to adjustable Auping mesh bases, Royal bed models and Criade box spring models from 2015 or later, and to Original Box spring and Kiruna Boxs pring from May 2017 or later.

Installing Auping Connect

Connect Auping Connect in a few simple steps

install connect

Step 1: Connect the power cable to Auping Connect and plug the adapter into the wall socket. 
With a Royal bed, connect the blue cable supplied per adjustable base to the control box under your bed. Connect this to port 1 (left base) and port 2 (right base) on the Auping Connect Hub. Make sure the adjustable bases are also connected to the mains and work with the remote controls supplied.

Step 2: Connect your phone to the Wifi network on which you want to use the Auping Connect.

Step 3: Download the Auping Connect app from the Apple App store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android). Open the app by clicking on the app icon and follow the instructions in the app.


Setting up the Auping Connect app

1. Open the app and click on start installation.
If this is the 2nd phone you want to set up, do not perform a new installation, but follow the instructions of the "Install Auping Connect on multiple devices" below.

2. Select your type of bed. 
A Royal bed comes with a blue cable to connect the Connect hub to your bed. The other beds are wireless.

3. Make sure you are on the same Wi-Fi network that you will use to access the app.
This must be a 2.4GHz network (and not a 5GHz network). If the App does not find a network or gives an error message, then the Connect hub cannot find the network and the installation cannot be completed. This may be due to network strength, router settings or provider settings. 

4. Pair your phone with Auping Connect.
Leave the app and go to your phone's settings and choose Wifi settings. Select Auping Connect from the list of Wifi networks. If Connect does not appear after a while, press the reset button on the Connect hub for 2 seconds. Then refresh the list of Wifi networks on your telephone. Select Auping Connect from the list of networks and return to the Connect app.

5. Subsequently, set up your Wi-Fi network in the app and press onwards.

6. The app will now connect to the network.
This may take a while. Wait until all four checkmarks appear. It may happen that the connection is interrupted. Repeat this action until all four check marks have appeared.

7. The installation of Auping Connect is now complete.
You can now start setting up your bed. You can always change it later without having to reinstall Connect.

8. To adjust your bed, you need the supplied remote control.
Follow the instructions in the app. Make sure you use the appropriate remote control for the correct side of the bed (left or right).
The app sometimes needs some time to connect to the remote.

9. Your bed is now connected to the app.
You can change the settings at any time using the settings menu.
A pop-up window may appear with an update for the Connect app. We recommend you install this update as it will ensure that your Connect uses the latest improvements.

10. You can now use the Connect app.
Depending on how many and what kind of Smart bases you have installed, your app will now look like this:


auping connect

Install Auping Connect on multiple devices

The Auping Connect app can be easily installed on multiple devices. Download the app on another phone or tablet. This must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Auping Connect.

Then open the app on the new device to be connected and start the installation. At the remote control selection screen, a pop-up will ask if you want to connect to an installed system, choose existing connection. The app will then find the installed Auping Connect and ask for an authorisation or QR code. The first person to install Auping Connect will find this code under Settings -> Sharing. Enter this code and the Auping Connect is ready for use.

If you do not get a pop-up, click on the text below the two remote controls.

QR scan

On phone 1, go through these screens.

Go to settings.
And select Sharing.
Have the code scanned by the 2nd phone.

2nd phone

On the second phone, go through these screens.

Open the Auping Connect app.
A popup will appear, click on connect.
Scan the QR code on device 1 or fill in the code.

2nd phone

The following problem may occur when installing several devices: The second device cannot find an existing installation.
This is because there is still old data in the memory. Fortunately, this is easy to solve.

Procedure for the iPhone:

  1. Completely delete the app from the device you wanted to add as an additional device.
  2. Download the latest version from the app store.
  3. Start the Auping App.

Working method Android:

On Android, the memory remains when the app is deleted, so deleting the app is not the solution. But you can delete the app data yourself in the settings of your device.
The way you can delete the data varies from device to device. A general method is:

  1. Go to your device's settings
  2. Go to Apps or Application manager
  3. Choose the Auping Connect App from the list
  4. Here you can select Data: Delete data

In some devices, this function can be found under the option Storage and then Clear data.

  1. Go out of the settings menu and start the Auping App

Now the app will find the existing installation and you can proceed to install more devices.

Installing Auping Connect on a new network

If you want to install the Connect on a new network, for instance if you have been relocated or if you have set up a new Wi-Fi network at home, go to settings and select Reset Auping Connect. Auping Connect will now be reset. You can then reconnect to your new Wi-Fi network. Before you start the new installation: press and hold the reset button on the Auping Connect hub for 3 seconds.

reset connect

Connecting Auping Connect with Homey

You can connect your favourite devices to your Smart Base using Homey. Homey is a device developed by the Dutch company Athom that connects all your devices in the house together. With Homey you can set up automatic actions, so-called flows, for the Auping Smart Base.



1. Install Homey.
2. Download the Auping Connect app for Homey via Or search for Auping via the Homey app:
Go to devices, and click on the + icon in the top right corner and search for Auping.
Choose 'install' once you have found Auping.

For more information or support, please visit or

Firmware update

Updates for your Auping Connect

We recommend always installing the latest updates to ensure Auping Connect works optimally.

The Auping Connect app will give you an indication when a new update is available. Make sure you are in the vicinity of Auping Connect and that you are connected to the right Wifi network. Then follow the steps in the app to install the update.

The update usually takes no longer than five to ten minutes. If the update takes longer than the time indicated, it may have stalled. Restart the app and try again.


Have you been using Auping Connect for a while and want to check whether an update is available? You can check this in the settings menu in the control screen via the settings icon in the top right-hand corner. At the top you can see if there is a software update available. Click to download the latest version.

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