Leavings by Auping

The pillow collection is made entirely of leftovers, which is why we call it ‘leavings’. The two-colour cushions are handmade, by ‘modinettes’ (fashion designers) in our sewing workshop. The fabric on the outside is made from furnishing materials left over from the production of box springs. The coloured piping sewn between the patches of fabric comes from upholstered mattresses. The inner cushion fabric is cut from leftovers used in mattresses. The inner cushion is filled with offcuts from the mattress ticking. Each cushion is unique, both in terms of colour and material; the designs depend entirely on the remnants available in the production area and the creativity of the modinette ?
In this way, leftover materials are put to good use too. Meanwhile, the leavings collection adds some extra colour to your bed or couch.