Maestro and Vivo improved with Vita Talalay Origins® comfort layer

Healthy living means eating well, getting enough exercise and taking the recommended dose of relaxation. At least as important is getting enough sleep. Or better yet: getting enough deep and healthy sleep. That requires a mattress that is good for you and good for the environment. The Maestro and Vivo premium mattresses offer more than just sleeping comfort of the highest level. From now on, they are also the most sustainable of the Auping mattresses. As it happens, these mattresses have been improved with a unique comfort layer made of the exclusive and natural Vita Talalay Origins®.
This natural latex, made from the sap of the Brazilian rubber tree, is unsurpassed in the areas of sustainability, resilience and ventilation. What's more, it is the only latex layer in the world with a Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certificate. So, you can sleep extra soundly.

The secret lies in the rubber tree

Vita Talalay Origins® is sustainably tapped with great care in Guatemala from the Brazilian rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. The sap, also called rubber milk, is tapped from the tree by cutting a groove into the bark of the tree. The white raw latex drips into a collecting tray. After enough latex has been tapped, the open groove coagulates within a few minutes. In other words, the tree can produce milk over and over again.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Where does Vita Talalay Origins® come from?
Vita Talalay is the supplier of Vita Talalay Origins®. This unique natural product is sustainably tapped with great care in Guatemala from the Brazilian rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. It is then processed in the green RadiumFoam factory in Maastricht.

Where does the name Talalay come from?
Vita Talalay Latex is named after inventor Joseph Talalay. Somewhere around 1943, Talalay discovered a few serious disadvantages to latex, which inspired him to invent a complex production process that caused latex to become up to 30% cooler and more breathable. The Talalay family ultimately has over 60 patents to its name, both in and outside the U.S.

Why do only the Maestro and Vivo mattresses have this comfort layer?
Maestro and Vivo are Auping’s premium mattresses. Their comfort layers have been replaced by a greener alternative to distinguish these mattresses as being a cut above where quality is concerned.  

What makes Vita Talalay Origins® a good match for our sustainability vision? 
At Auping, we believe in the power of the circular economy, in which waste is minimised and products and raw materials are reused as much and as often as possible. Auping's sustainability policy rests on three pillars: circularity, energy-efficiency and local solidarity. Therefore, the enrichment of the Maestro and the Vivo mattresses with the sustainable Vita Talalay Origins® comfort layer dovetails perfectly with Auping's circular vision and with our mission of supplying sustainable mattresses of the highest quality. This way we can say we do our best for a healthy night's rest and for a healthy planet.

What does Cradle-to-Cradle certification entail?
The Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy states that each and every raw material and product component must be able to be completely reused in another product. So, Vita Talalay Origins® is made on the basis of a patented formula without harmful additives, which means it can be recycled after use. Vita Talalay Origins® is produced in a CO2-neutral production process, 100% powered by green energy.

Is Vita Talalay Origins® vegan? Yes

What is the difference between Vita Talalay en Vita Talalay Origins®?
Vita Talalay is the supplier of Vita Talalay Origins®, among other products. Vita Talalay Origins® is the only Cradle-to-Cradle Gold-certified latex.

What percentage of Vita Talalay Origins® is natural latex?
Vita Talalay Origins® is made from 97% natural latex. The remaining 3% is ammonia, which is required for converting it into foam.

Is the level of comfort different/better compared to Pura latex?
The Vita Talalay Origins® does incredibly well in the roller test; there is no loss of height or firmness. However, the comfort experienced with a latex comfort layer is subjective. Some people indicate that they feel a distinct difference, while others don’t.

Is Vita Talalay Origins® more durable than Pura latex?
No. Depending on factors such as intended use, body weight and perspiration, the life cycle of mattresses, and in particular of the upper layers, is variable.

Is the level of firmness any different?
No. The product modification to Vita Talalay Origins® does not affect the overall firmness of the mattresses.

Where does the peculiar fragrance come from?
This is how natural latex characteristically smells. This natural latex is newly produced and, therefore, has a slight odour. This odour gradually disappears, just like the 'new car smell' in your car. Should you find the odour extremely unpleasant, then we recommend taking the mattress out of the plastic packaging and allowing it to air out for a few days before use.

Which other suppliers also use Vita Talalay Origins®?
Auping is the only bed manufacturer in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark currently using Vita Talalay Origins®. 
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