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Mattresses 160x200

Are you looking for a new mattress 160x200? At Auping we make your mattress to order, so that it fits your body type, sleeping position and personal wishes. Discover here the Auping 160x200 mattress collection for a wonderful night's sleep. 

Which 160x200 mattress is right for you?

Which 160x200 mattress is best for you is entirely personal. Because everyone has a different posture and personal preferences. Perhaps you also suffer from allergies or physical complaints: also important to take into account when buying a new mattress.

At Auping, we are happy to help you choose the mattress that suits you best. All our mattresses consist of pocket springs that differ in length, thickness, shape and quality. In each zone of the 160x200 mattress, we can place different pocket springs that give a different degree of support; the support your body needs.

A 160x200 mattress therefore also has a clear head and foot end, which means the mattress does not have to be turned over. A nice extra for all Auping mattresses, because flipping a mattress can be quite an intensive job.

A suitable mattress 160x200 for a double bed

If you are sleeping as a couple on a 160x200 mattress, chances are that you have different postures and preferences. 
Perhaps you like a firm mattress, while your partner prefers to sleep on a soft mattress. Auping has a solution for this because we can incorporate different cores in a 160x200 mattress. For example, one half of the mattress has a firmer core and the other a softer core. In this way, you can still choose one large 160x200 mattress, without having to put your personal wishes and comfort aside. 

Are you looking for a smaller or a larger mattress? Check out our mattresses in sizes 140x200, 180x200 or 200x200.

Buy 160x200 mattresses from Auping

We deliver your new 160x200 mattress free of charge right to your bedroom. Whether that's on the first floor, second floor or in the attic. And if you have an old mattress, we can take it away free of charge. Auping gives mattresses a second life, for example by recycling them to make judo mats, soundproofing or under-carpet. This is how we all do our bit for a better world: because 1.5 million mattresses are discarded every year and end up in landfills.

At Auping, you can test sleep on your new 160x200 mattress for 90 days, so that you know for sure that you are choosing a mattress that you will enjoy sleeping on for years to come. Don't like the mattress? Then you can exchange it for a 160x200 mattress with a firmer or softer core.