Auping wins “Oscar of Sound”

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Auping Tambr ISA22 Winner Teaser
Auping Tamber International Sound Award


The new sound of Auping - developed by sonic branding agency TAMBR - has been declared the winner of the 'Audio Branding' category by the jury of the International Sound Awards 2022. The Auping sonic DNA consists of two carefully composed tracks and a sound logo - which includes field recordings of sounds from the Auping factory, such as those of the sewing machines in the mattress atelier.

Auditieve huisstijl

The international expert jury was impressed by the new subtle sonic identity. Auping has been producing beds and mattresses of the highest quality since 1888. The craftsmanship, courage and love of the brand have now been translated in a data-driven way into music that is applicable to the entire customer journey. This makes the audio identity both innovative and artisanal.

"We approach our sonic branding journeys strategically, combining data-driven brand association research with creativity and expertise. Before composing new music, we make sure that we are on the right track. That is why we take time to really get to know a brand and to explore appropriate musical archetypes and mood boards. Ultimately, we capture the unique sound of a brand in a flexible music library", says Willemijn van Hussen, commercial director of TAMBR.

Ine Stultjens, Head of Marketing & Communication at Auping: "For us, sonic branding goes much further than the music played in a store or the jingle of a radio commercial. Sound is, in addition to images, a powerful way to strengthen our brand and make it more recognizable. Everything we make at Auping, we make with care and attention. Audio is a natural extension of our identity. Both the ambition, the emotion and the human side of the Auping brand are now literally audible."

Composing based on AI

The Auping sonic DNA was created through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), market research and creativity. TAMBR tested the implicit associations of the existing sound of the Auping brand and researched to what extent it differed from competition. This gave a clear insight into where there was room to present a distinctive character. Next, a self-learning music algorithm set to work exploring musical angles and linking brand values to audio. Trained on ten thousands of interactions between listeners and music, the algorithm predicted which tracks would fit. These provided the foundation of the briefing for the composition of the new tracks.

“By using AI, we quickly set off into the right musical direction with a solid briefing for the composition process,” says Niels de Jong, musical strategist at TAMBR. "We opted for a balanced branding that sounds both innovative and artisanal. Piano and clarinet were recorded very closely and combined with subtle factory sounds, human humming and a calm beat. Touchable and intimate, just like the brand itself."