Body types

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Bodytypes line up
Bodytypes line up

Designed with your body in mind

Our ergonomic research shows that you must use different zones for shoulders, waist, and hips for the best support. So that is what we did. Our new mattress range is developed based on different body types; everything revolves around the relationship of the shoulders and hips to the waist. We call these body types I, Y, X and A. Your body shape determines what support you need.

Which body type suits me?

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The body types

bodytype x

Body type X

Are your shoulders and hips wider than your waist? Then you need a mattress with the support for body type X. Both the shoulder and hip zones in this type are a bit softer. This allows your shoulders and hips to sink comfortably into the mattress at night. The waist zone between the hip and shoulder zones is slightly firmer to support your middle.
bodytype a

Body type A

Are your hips wider than your waist, but your shoulders aren’t much wider? Then you are body type A. This body type requires a mattress where the hip zone lies a little deeper in the mattress than the shoulders. This allows your hips to sink comfortably into the mattress so that you don’t experience any pressure while you sleep, and you can easily change sleeping positions while you dream.
bodytype y

Body type Y

Are your shoulders wider than your waist, and are your hips almost as wide as your waist? Then you will sleep wonderfully well on a mattress for body type Y, in which the shoulder zone is slightly deeper in the mattress than the hip zone. That way, your shoulders can sink comfortably into the mattress, keeping your back in a natural position.
bodytype i

Body type I

Are your hips, waist and shoulders approximately the same width? Or are your shoulders a little wider than your hips and waist? Then you are body type I. The mattress that suits you has uniformly distributed zones. This means that the hip, waist and shoulder zones have more or less the same firmness. This puts your body in a wonderfully natural and comfortable position for sleeping.

Support where it’s needed

Auping Evolve, Elysium and Elite are made of innovative materials and have a completely new design. Based on new insights, we re-examined the structure and zoning of the mattress. Because the difference in height between people is mainly due to the difference in the length of the legs, the placement of the zones in our new mattresses is from the head end down. The zones concentrate on the shoulders, waist, and hips to keep your spine is in a nice natural position. Auping Evolve, Elysium and Elite have asymmetrically constructed zones to give your body better support. This enables your body to relax and recover during sleep.

The right pillow is also essential for achieving the best sleeping position.

And then: comfort choice

After finding the right support, you choose your preference in comfort. Because in the end, you want to lie comfortably on your new mattress. And this is a very personal thing. Do you like a flexible mattress or do you prefer a soft one. Do you tend to get warm quickly at night or do you like to sleep with your socks on?

What comfort suits me?

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