Mae Engelgeer develops limited edition collection for Auping

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Mae Engelgeer
Mae Engelgeer

Limited Edition fabric collection

Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer has designed a limited edition textile collection for Royal Auping BV, consisting of duvet covers, a pillow, a bedspread and a Kilim. Auping and Mae Engelgeer stand for Dutch design and share their love for colours and high-quality materials. In her collection for Auping, the designer brings together her vision of the textile world and Auping, resulting in an expressive, graphic collection in which colours and materials reinforce each other.

Open and minimalistic

Mae Engelgeer's work is characterised by a typical use of colour in which she constantly rediscovers herself, but which is unmistakably her own: colour and soft pastels, often with black and white as a counterpart. An accent colour in the form of a line or surface enhances the whole. Mae Engelgeer has a graphic way of working that fits well with Auping's design language. Her style has an open character and is minimalistic in a playful way. Feeling for detail and finding the right composition is important in her designs, which balances the whole. Her work fits perfectly with Auping's calm and symmetrical bed models.

Open en minimalistisch

Graphic collection

The collection designed by Mae Engelgeer for Auping has a soft character that works well with the materials used in the Auping beds, such as wood and steel. It is a modern, graphic collection in which textiles take centre stage and are present in various techniques and shapes. Black and white is combined with cobalt blue and a skin colour, which has a contrasting effect. A gold accent adds sparkle and a modern sophisticated look to the collection.

Mae Engelgeer: "In this limited edition collection for Auping, my handwriting is clearly present and I was able to create a total image. I always think in a series and here I like to work with hard materials or shapes besides my soft textiles, like an Auping bed. This bed is the basis and frames this collection. We find each other in the feeling for design, quality and experience and have managed to translate this on and around an Auping bed."

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