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Mattresses and mattress toppers

How do I decide which mattress is best for me?
This depends on a number of factors. Your height, weight and build are important to find the right support. Your personal preferences are also important. Do you have any physical complaints? Do you prefer a hard mattress or a soft one? Would you like to be able to wash your mattress? Do you have allergies such as to house dust mite, wool or latex? We recommend that you test the mattress in one of our Auping Stores to get the best possible advice.
All Auping mattresses can be used on both a mesh base and a box spring. Please bear in mind that there is a difference in lying comfort. A mesh base provides direct, stable support, whereas a box spring tends to be softer.

Start the mattress advisor

An Auping dealer in your area can provide you with expert advice on a mattress that suits you perfectly. You’ll sleep comfortably and wake up rejuvenated for years to come.

How long does it take to break into a new mattress?

Did you recently buy a new mattress? You may sometimes find it a little more firm than what you’re used to. Like a pair of shoes, a new mattress is something you need to break into. Are you still experiencing discomfort after a couple of weeks on your new mattress? Then please get in touch with your Auping dealer. 

How long does an Auping mattress last?
Auping recommends replacing a mattress after 8 to 10 years at the most. A mattress eventually loses its firmness, making it uncomfortable to lie on. The lifespan of a mattress is determined by its composition and use.
Auping mattresses are made of moisture-regulating materials so that the moisture you lose at night is quickly absorbed and removed. The type of bed base is also important for the lifespan of your mattress; a mesh base is 80% open and therefore offers very good ventilation.
You can also contribute to the life of a mattress by ensuring that your bedroom is properly ventilated. For example, leave the bedroom window ajar during the day and at night so that perspiration can evaporate naturally.

What can I do to prevent my Auping mattress from sagging?

It’s perfectly normal that the surface of your mattress indents slightly after using it for a while. An indentation of 1,5 centimeters (about 0,6 inches) after one year of normal usage, and two centimeters (about 0,8 inches) after 5 years of regular use is normal and not covered by our warranty.

A slight impression of my body profile is clearly visible on my Auping top mattress. Is this normal?
Our toppers are made of soft materials to give you the most comfortable lying experience. After a while, it is quite normal for the topper to show your body print in certain places. This means that the mattress topper adapts well to your body shape. We recommend that you periodically shake up the mattress topper.

Can I combine my Auping mattress with a bed base from another brand?Obviously, you are free to combine an Auping mattress with a non-Auping bed base. However, an Auping mattress and base are specially geared to one another, so that the three elements that are important for a good night's sleep (ventilation, support and pressure reduction) come out well. This way, you are assured of a sound and comfortable sleep.

Should I turn over my Auping mattress every now and then?Auping mattresses do not need to be turned or flipped. The mattresses are asymmetrically constructed, which means that the support zones are in the right place. If you were to turn an Auping mattress, the zones would no longer be in the right place. This is because your shoulders need different support compared to your legs.

How do I know what the head end of my Auping mattress is?
You can identify the head end of your Auping mattress by looking for the Auping label. The label is positioned at the foot end of your mattress, so the head end is at the exact opposite side.

Are all Auping mattresses compatible with an adjustable bed base?
Yes, all Auping mattresses in the current assortment are suitable for an adjustable bed base. To ensure that the mattress does not shift, you can link the mattress to the mesh base using mattress couplers. These are handy clips that you can easily click to any desired location on the mesh base. Our box springs are fitted with Velcro at the top as standard to prevent the mattress from slipping.

Can I clean my mattress (cover)?
This depends on the type of mattress you have. Our customer service staff will be happy to help.

Washing instructions
If you have a mattress with a washable cover, we recommend that you follow the care label.

Mattresses and/or mattress toppers without wool or horsehair can be cleaned with a hoover. If the cover does contain wool or horsehair, it is advisable to clean the mattress and/or mattress topper with a brush. You will find this information on the washing label on the inside of the cover.

Tip: Make sure to never open the zipper on the bottom of your Auping mattress or mattress topper while cleaning it.

Stay informed about the return process of Auping EvolveAuping Evolve is a circular mattress, whose materials can be reused again and again for a new mattress. So when you've finished sleeping on your Auping Evolve, don't throw it away. We would like to keep you informed of the return process, so register your mattress. Together we'll make sure we can process your Auping Evolve in the right way. Together we will make the world a better place. Because a rested world is a more beautiful world.

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