Auping Elysium mattress – Best Sustainable Product 2022

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Elysium winner
Auping Elysium winnaar Meest Duurzame Product 2022

Sustainable Living Awards 2022

The Sustainable Living Awards were organised for the first time at the VT wonen&design fair held in Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands, from 4 to 9 October 2022. The judges declared our 100% circular Auping Elysium mattress the winner in the Best Sustainable Product 2022 category. This makes us very proud.

After much deliberation
An expert jury judged all 32 entries, handed out nominations, and chose the winners. The judges assessed entries on design, raw materials, materials and semi-finished goods, production process, working conditions, lifecycle extension, and packaging and shipping. The judging process generated some interesting discussions. For example, how do you compare a handmade unique item and a circular mass-produced factory item? But the result is worth it and the judges’ comments are laudatory.

’The 100% Auping Elysium mattress is a great example of a driven front runner in the circular economy. Auping is sustainable on multiple fronts. As a local company and also as circular innovators who can generate a massive impact with a consumer product. They also open-source their technology so the whole industry can benefit. Auping managed to really round out its manufacturing chain so synthetic fabrics remain in the loop to be reused endlessly. And they’re local, use social labour, and energy neutral as a factory. Auping makes a lot of mattresses and that impact scales up.’

Auping Elysium matras Beste Duurzame Product 2022

About the Sustainable Living Awards 
The Substitute created these awards. This organisation runs the Sustainable Living Route at the vt wonen&design fair and it aims to provide a platform for today’s sustainable living solutions. The Substitute stands for ‘sustainable alternative’ and helps you make sustainable remodelling and interior design choices. Choices that are good for people, the environment, society, and thus an asset in your home.

Auping Elysium matras Beste Duurzame Product 2022