Opening circulair fabriek

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Auping Opens the Mattress Factory of the Future

On Tuesday, February 6th, Auping celebrated a world first in the mattress industry. Our brand-new factory was officially opened by the Mayor of Deventer, Ron König, together with the oldest and one of the youngest members of the Auping family. In the presence of retailers, partners, and the press, we celebrated this special moment. Prior to the opening, Diederik Samsom, a Dutch politician, gave an inspiring speech on the European perspective on circularity.

Believing that action is needed now to keep the planet healthy, Auping has been a leader in circularity for years. Since 2020, we have been the first in the world to produce fully circular mattresses with high-quality sleep comfort. The opening of the new factory marks another milestone on the path to a waste-free mattress industry. With the newly developed, automated, and largely robotized production line, the production of circular mattresses can be significantly scaled up. Auping aims not only to improve sleep quality, but also to take responsibility for a livable world for future generations.

Jan-Joost Bosman, CEO of Royal Auping, said: “The opening of this factory, which makes the entire process much more efficient, is a world first in our industry and truly a breakthrough. Our goals are sometimes very ambitious. We choose this path because we believe that organizations are partly responsible for the livability of the earth for future generations. This has now resulted in this innovative production line, with which we are ready for a sustainable future.”

Sustainable Sleeping

Auping's circular mattresses are primarily designed for ultimate sleep comfort. Thanks to innovative design and a careful selection of materials, they are also suitable for circularity. The materials are chosen so that the mattress can be disassembled after use and the materials can be recycled into raw materials. These raw materials are then used to make a completely new mattress. This way, the circle is complete, and no waste is created. Until now, the production of circular mattresses was done by hand. With a newly developed, robotized production line in the specialized factory, a mattress can now roll off the production line every minute.