17 July 2020

Auping launches assortment at Archiproducts

With more than 230.000 products, 3.500 design brands and 2.7 million users, Archiproducts is the largest information and inspiration network for architecture and design in the world. From now on, the Auping assortment can also be found on Archiproducts.

Auping at Archiproducts

The Auping heritage and design vision fit well with Archiproducts, the largest information and inspirational network for architecture and design in the world. That is why our product catalogue is from now on available at  this “permanent virtual exhibition of architecture and design” that connects the world of international brands, designers, architects, resellers, manufacturers and buyers together with trade shows, news and events. More than 2.7 million users are connected to this platform with more than 230.000 products and 3.500 brands. Archiproducts offers a world full of inspiration.

The design of Auping

For more than 130 years, we have been working on the best ways to rest. We believe that a well-rested world is a better world. Every bed and mattress is design with eyes for details, the environment and the future. And that is reflected in our sustainable designs and the choices for beautiful, honest materials, textures and tones. From our headquarters in Deventer, The Netherlands, we work every day on creative and innovative designs that last a long time.

Over the years, the combination of high-quality materials such as steal, wood and high-end fabrics, has become a recognizable Auping signature. Just like intelligent design thinking with an interplay of clean horizontal lines and soft, rounded corners. We want our beds to not only ensure that you sleep well, but also that they look good. So that you like to spend time in your bedroom. Our designs literally provide space for rest.

We have been working with respected designers for many years. A collaboration can consist of developing a bed or a bed linen collection, but also of jointly conducting a color study. Such collaborations are always based on a shared commitment to develop elegant, well-designed and well-thought-out products that contribute to bringing rest to the world.