Closing the loop with the Auping Evolve mattress

Wonderful news, we are truly closing the loop now. Because recently we succeeded in turning used Evolve mattress covers into a beautiful new Auping Evolve mattress ticking. In previous trials, we already managed to recycle Evolve fabric trimmings into raw materials, which we then used to make new yarns. We are thrilled that we now succeeded in knitting a mattress ticking from these new yarns. And with that we have made a fully new Auping Evolve of the same high quality. That is what we call circular.

Earlier this year we launched Auping Evolve, the world’s first fully circular mattress. This mattress consists of just two materials: steel and polyester. These materials can be reused continuously to make a new mattress.

How do we manage that?

We set up the recycle process together with local partners and we used prototype mattresses that were made during our product development process of Auping Evolve. All material parts of a used Auping Evolve mattress are easy to dissassemble thanks to the Niaga® technology. That is why Auping Evolve has a scannable Niaga® label, to provide transparency about the healthy materials that are used, and to show that the mattress should never be discarded. Thereafter all materials are sorted; pocket springs with pocket springs, ticking with ticking, comfort layer with comfort layer and so on. Then the mattress ticking was shredded and processed into granulate grains by Senbis (Emmen, The Netherlands). Next TWD Fibres (Deggendorf, Germany) spun yarns from these grains, and finally Innofa (Tilburg, The Netherlands) knitted the new ticking. This new ticking has the same high quality as a ticking made of virgin materials. 

Together with these local partners, we have shown that we can really close the loop. And we have gained the insights we need to be able to upscale high quality recycling of our circular mattresses in the future. So that all Evolve materials can be used time and again into a new mattress.

How do we manage that?