Are you looking to buy a new mattress?

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Are you looking to buy a new mattress?
Are you looking to buy a new mattress?

Buying a new mattress

Buying a new mattress is no easy feat. That’s why it’s best to start with yourself: what do you like the most? For example, warm, cold, thick, thin, comfort, soft, firm, allergy-free, ventilation, etc. When you know what you like and what is good for you, then you can go in search of the mattress that suits you best.

Choosing a mattress that suits you best is no easy feat. What do you actually need to be aware of?

Using five themes, we’ll tell you what the main points are when choosing the appropriate mattress.

Ventilation and support (Auping AVS® active ventilation and support)

When you opt for Auping, you are also opting for the perfection of the Auping AVS® system. AVS® is the unique Active Ventilation and Support system developed by Auping in which various ventilating and supporting materials have been optimally combined to ensure the utmost sleeping comfort. Wake up energised every day!

Comfort and feel

The comfort level of a mattress determines how it feels when you lie down on it. Comfort is always the first priority in the development and production of each bed. We have consciously opted for latex comfort layers in all of our mattresses. We know that many people feel that this material is a lovely combination of resilience and softness. Naturally, we use a level of quality that is worthy of Auping and we offer various compositions of synthetic and natural latex.

Temperature and climate

The quality of your sleep increases significantly when your body maintains the correct temperature. Some people grow warm quickly while others stay colder for longer. For yet another, this could change with the seasons. It is wonderful when your mattress matches your personal needs, which is why we also offer various options, like Warm or Cool mattress covers.

Hygiene and washability

It is absolutely normal for your body temperature to fluctuate while you sleep. You also need this in order to sleep well. Therefore, the washability of the mattress cover is as important as the ventilation of your mattress. After all, a good mattress is a clean, fresh mattress.

Allergies and irritations

If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to certain materials (latex or wool), then it is incredibly important that you have a mattress which will ensure that you are not bothered by these, or at least that they are reduced as much as possible. The Auping mattress covers are made from high-quality knits and weaves, giving them a soft, smooth structure. We opt for materials that are as natural as possible, such as cotton and wool, as well as Tencel and viscose. 

Auping mattresses

Better-quality mattresses are asymmetrically assembled. This means that various layers and parts, such as the comfort layer or ergonomic core, or the shoulder or hip zones are assembled differently. All Auping mattresses are asymmetrically assembled in order to offer the right amount of support, based on your personal information, like your BMI. At Auping, you can opt for pocket spring mattresses filled with Latex, Latex Perfo, Latex Pura, Vita Talalay Origins® or Visco Activ foam comfort layers. This allows features such as support, comfort and ventilation to be optimally utilised, which makes flipping your mattress unnecessary. All Auping mattresses are available as a single or a double. Preferably, you should have a mattress that is 20 to 30 cm longer than your full height. This gives you plenty of room for pillows.

Two single mattresses or one double​

Of course it is quite cosy to sleep together on one big mattress. However, the support your body needs may be different for different persons. Having this in mind, Auping offers 2 solutions:

  • Auping makes double mattresses with two individually adjusted cores, giving you individual comfort and the benefits of one large mattress.
  • Auping also has some practical solutions to connect single mattresses, like a top mattress, a pont d'amour (a mattress wedge) and special fitted sheets.

Mattress advisor

Do you want to buy an Auping mattress? Be inspired and find information on our website. Look at all the models and options. All mattresses have their own unique characteristics. Whether you like soft or firm, there is always an Auping mattress to match your preferences.  

Find your ideal mattress

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