Auping achieves B Corp status

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Auping krijgt B Corp status
Auping mag een 'Certified B Corporation' noemen

Certified B Corporation

Auping has recently become a 'Certified B Corporation'. B Corp is an international network of companies that make a significant contribution to a better world with its products and services. Companies with such a certificate pursue the highest standards in the field of social and ecological performance, social responsibility and transparency. Auping wants to keep the world a liveable, healthy and safe place for future generations. A few years ago, the bed and mattress manufacturer from Deventer (the Netherlands) embraced the cradle-to-cradle philosophy and the company strives for a 100% circular business operations.

Auping is a frontrunner in the sleep sector in terms of futureproof entrepreneurship. The company recognises the social responsibility it has, now and even more so in the future. In this respect, Auping is prepared to take risks and to challenge itself.

Morten Lund Petersen, Director Innovation & Sustainability at Royal Auping:
Achieving B Corp status was hard. For at least three months, it demanded huge combined effort. It is not just any certificate, the standards are high. It was also a very inspiring process and a great opportunity for self-reflection. In which areas are we doing well and where can we do better?

Using business as a force for good

With the B Corp status, a company shows that it can successfully combine commercial, social and sustainable goals. The B Corp pay-off is therefore "Using business as a force for good". Worldwide there are over 3.300 B Corps in more than 70 countries and 150 industries. Companies such as Tony Chocolonely, Dopper, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, MUD Jeans, Seepje, Fairphone, Innocent Drinks and Triodos Bank are among the certified companies. To achieve B Corp status, companies have to pass a rigorous B Impact Assessment with an extensive evaluation of the company’s operations and business model impact. Companies with a B Corp certificate must consider their impact on their employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment in every decision.

Hubertine Roessingh, Executive Director B Lab Benelux:
"We welcome Auping as the very first manufacturer of mattresses, beds and boxsprings to join our community in the Benelux. So much remains to be done in the sleep industry to produce responsibly. Having developed and launched the first circular mattress in the world, Auping is at the forefront of transforming from linear to circular production."

Read more about our B Corp status.

Using business as a force for good

Royal Auping Corporate Social Responsibility rapport

End of April Royal Auping published its first Corporate Social Responsibility report. This report provides an insight into their efforts, ambitions and dreams in the field of sustainability and the wellbeing and safety of people. Auping wants to contribute to a better world. For Auping that means a zero waste world.

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Scan het Niaga® label en ontdek het Product passport

Niaga® product passport

Together with Niaga we developed the Product passport. This platform provides insight into the supply chain of Auping Evolve. In other words, all suppliers who supply materials for the production of the mattress are listed. They have signed an agreement in which they indicate exactly which materials come from where. So you can find all the information together in one place. 

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Auping CSR Report 2022

Auping publishes CSR Report 2022

Today, we are delighted to publish the Auping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2022 with a sense of pride. We provide an overview of the sustainable steps we took in 2022 and share our goals for the future.

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