Auping releases CSR Report 2020

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Auping publiceert CSR Report 2020
Auping publiceert CSR Report 2020

Corporate Responsibility Report

Today we publish the second edition of the Auping Corporate Responsibility (CSR) Report. This report gives an insight into our ambitions, goals and dreams in the field of sustainability, well-being and people's health and it describes our achievements in 2020.

The world has changed dramatically since we published our first CSR Report last year. In some respects, even in a structural way. In this report we will of course discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our organization and business operations and explain how we have responded to this development. An important observation is that the pandemic has left our CSR goals and ambitions fully intact. And more than ever, it has emphasized our responsibility and shown how we can make a real contribution to health and well-being.

In this report, we proudly look back on what we have achieved over the past year. With our partners - and thanks to our customers.

Read our CSR Report 2020 here.

Auping releases CRS Report 2020